Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here I am

Here I am 10 days post transplant to Abilene. I guess last weeks shouldn't really count since it was almost like a vacation due to the insane winter weather. Chris didn't have to work so we just hung out at home since the roads were nasty and the drivers out there had lost their minds! The move went rather uneventful. Saturday the weather was perfect for moving, but what would a Saturday be if Hunter didn't have to go see the doctor?! He has more fluid behind his ears but at that time we opted not to treat him since we had just come off antibiotics so we would see if it was just teething, the onset of a new ear infection or something else.
We arrived around 7pm with the help of Chris' friend Randell. Honestly having him there to help not only helped Chris but it helped me. He proved to be a good distraction in keeping us entertained and being patient when I would fall to pieces. I fell to pieces several times over the course of the day. I met his wife Tabby and their darling Trinity who is about 6 weeks old that night and we had some pizza. Our awesome neighbor Lindsay came over and provided us with a BBQ chicken snack until we got our dinner. She also was a huge help unloading the truck. It is so great to have great people around. It will make this transition easier.
Saturday morning I was a basket case. I cried anytime I walked into the kids room or started to think about leaving. Hannah gave me the most amazing hug and snuggled me for a good 20 minutes crying and telling me how much she loves me and how much she would miss me. But she did look at me with the most scared sincere look and ask if I would be coming back. Oh it just broke my heart into a million pieces. I never want my kids to think I am ditching them. Ella was upset but it didn't seem to hit her till I dropped her off at Jason's house. I could hear her crying as I left the house. I lost it and fell to pieces. With Sean there wasn't as much emotion. We are used to our short times together so when we said good bye it was not a big deal because I knew I would see him next weekend and plus he has a cell phone he loves to text me and make random prank calls!
We started out the week with what I thought would be my new routine. Chris working overnight, home asleep during the day and home for dinner. The winter weather changed that and we were snowed in from Monday night until we left for Dallas bright and early Saturday morning. We did leave twice once for a doctor apt for Chris and then a trip to the ER for Hunter since we knew his ears were still bothering him. Both times I just prayed to get from point A to point B with no incident. I did so much baking and cooking to during that time that I am sure Chris will be in a gym for weeks working it off! We also had our wonderful neighbor over for dinner along with Randell, Tabby and baby T. I have never enjoyed entertained guests as much as I have now.
Saturday morning bright and early ok well it wasn't bright but it sure was early we made our drive to Dallas. Surprisingly the roads were fine but the highways were littered with the remains of what you could tell was a serious winter storm! Hunter's check up was uneventful due to the office being short staffed. We learned that yes this is his 4th ear infection and since he is only 5 months old we can't do surgery. If after 6th moths of age he is still having problems we will revisit surgery. We have made it very clear we are on board and want it done. Maybe being at home with me for the remains of Cold, Flu and RSV season will help.
The kids and I were so glad to be reunited together for the day. We ran lots of errands and saw my best friend Lauren and her husband and daughter. They had a nice gift of tons of diapers and a super cute monkey for Hunter. I loved every second I had with them this weekend and was sad to drop them off. Chris said in about 3 weeks we will come back out. Then of course we have them for spring break!!
So life out here is not so bad and I am adjusting better than I thought. I had fears at first of finding my niche and fitting in. I know sounding so Jr. High I know. My goal is to just take every opportunity to go out and meet new people and grow to know Chris' friends/coworkers. I am fortunate enough to have great neighbors so I know I will be fine. Plus starting school soon should help.
I almost forgot to share the good news about Chris and his knee. We had his doctor's apt on Tuesday and we were told to start a new physical therapy with these electrodes that will help redevelop the thigh muscles. Redeveloping that muscle will help keep his knee in place therefore helping with his major troubles he has had. So for now we are down but not out which is great news. He did file his MEB (evaluated by a board to see if he can be medially discharged) but we have some time to see if this helps and he has been told he could possibly retrain to another position. While this prolongs our stay out here it is my job as his wife and supporter to support him and be there to help push him. We will make it back to Dallas soon enough. But I can't be selfish it's not fair. He needs this and honestly we need this. So while we thought we might be home in May we won't it might be 18 months from now which still isn't bad if you look at it. And I am ok with that.
Well that has to be it for the news around the Thomas house. Both my boys are snoozing away so I will take this time to clean the house and prepare for our guests tonight. Now that I am home more I will be sure to update more too! Have a great week and be sure to stay warm!!