Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Handy Man

I know when Chris came here to visit the lats thing he had planned was manual labor! Not only did he get to play exterminator but he played my handy man. Since the rails outside my place are to wide we had to get some lattice and place along the rail. It was super hot and muggy that day I felt horrible for Chris but I am so happy he did the work for me.

Here he is starting this crazy project.

He is so proud he got this first section up and its looks all nice and neat.

Just admiring his handy work. Now the fun part comes where he has to snip all those zip ties!!!

He was really proud of his handy work. It really does look great. I am glad he was here to do that. Now Ella Grace is much safer when on the porch! Now to get the rest of that porch repaired!!
I would show you pictures of the kitchen but that might just gross everyone out but despite what he thinks he did a lot of work getting the pest problem under control. Now its Jason's turn to try his hand at fixing it. So we will see!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time goes by to fast....

Today I said goodbye to Chris as he heads back to Florida to see his family for a few more days before he departs back to Korea till November. It was hard. I have really struggled with this the last few days knowing that this of course had to come to an end. Last night of course was the worst. I think we made ourselves stay up late so that we could stretch this trip out just a bit longer. Boy am I paying for that today!
I look at my list of things we didn't get to do and what I wanted to make sure we had accomplished before he left. I was slightly disappointed but its ok. I am just glad to have had the time with him that I did. That is the most important. We both agreed that in November we can play catch up and do those things we didn't get to and try and accomplish those tasks that we never got to do. I am sure he is hoping that my place is unpacked and settled before November. I know I hope that also.
Have you ever had that total sense of being so overwhelmed and helpless you just feel that suddenly you can not do things for yourself you worry that you can't do things on your own and that you will fail and let not only yourself down but those around you? The last 48 hours those thoughts have filled my head and made me so tense and anxious I just am trying to fight them and push forward and tell myself I can do this I will be just fine. I have a slight bug problem right now and I have myself all worked up about how that will be taken care of and how I hate dealing with it and what if I can't get it under control ect. I am a nut like that I kid you not. Or stuff like all the laundry that I have to get done that has piled up. That overwhelming feeling like it will never get taken care of that and of course all my dishes that have to be rewashed. I psych myself out and work myself up and I begin to get out of control. I think Chris was seeing this and I am almost positive it started to make him upset and frustrated with me. I have been known to make mountains out of mole hills.
Yesterday the kids where in the other room playing while Chris and I prepared for our final day together. We where talking and we stopped when we heard the kids talk about Chris. They each started asking one another if they liked Chris and what they thought about him and things of that nature. They all loved him, they thought he was great and where really just crazy about him. That's about the time it hit me that they have grown so close to him and really cared about him and now it's time for him to leave. I know Chris loved hearing the things the kids had to say about him but I know deep down it made him sad to hear this right before he leaves.
Karen and Doug had Chris and I over for dinner last night. It was a wonderful meal. I loved it. I have to learn how to make it because I really want that again!! And we had peanut butter pie!! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER PIE!!!! I was a piggy and had two slices. It was nice to just sit and talk have a great conversation with adults and not have to worry about the kids. Doug and Chris get along very well and of course he did with Karen too. I know Chris enjoyed going over there last night. We plan on going back over there once Chris is home.
Something amazing happened last night, something I never thought I would ever see or read in my lifetime. Jason and Chris spent the rest of the evening moving, cleaning and sorting while I got the girls ready for bed. They talked and I want to dare say maybe bonded?! Chris and Jason actually became FB friends too!! But that is not what surprised me the most. The thing that brought tears to my eyes and made me feel that I really had wonderful special people in my life was when I was on FB I saw Jason's status message. It reads....Jason Dimmitt is glad he got some stuffed moved in. Also I hope that Chris Thomas has a safe trip back. Glad that we meet and he is a great person. Good luck Chris t. My heart stopped I froze. I never thought I would really see something like that. I think it surprised Chris too because after about 5 minutes of staring at the screen I had to ask him if he was ok! I am really happy and now feel so much better and a lot less stress. That is good.
Well I just spoke to Chris and his flight from Dallas was delayed he got to Charlotte and missed his connecting flight so now he is suppose to leave at 4:30. He is not happy and I understand. I know this is getting to him and its really making it hard. I don't know how he does it and I am asking myself how am I going to be able to do this once he gets back and has to leave again. I know its part of the job and its a crazy lifestyle but when you care about someone sometimes that's really not important. You just support them and let them know you are always there for them even if it sucks that half the year they are gone or work all the time. I am sure they don't like it anymore than we do. So I consider this my learning period I will study hard and read up on what I can do to make it all easier!
I can not believe I got a blog in on my break! I usually get so side tracked and stuff I have to finish it later in the evening. I actually plan on blogging again to night with some pictures of Chris' handy work with the new place lol! I am sure he will need a vacation for his vacation!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Most of everyone who reads this blog probably understands why I have not been blogging recently. I am going to steal this from a friend of mine who also blogs and its fitting to my situation right now but anyways I have been dealing with my own alternate reality. I have enjoyed this different reality the last 10 days. Its been an emotional roller coaster filled with its highs and lows. The lows really do not relate to Chris being here its more of moving and knowing that his time here is so short before he leaves again for another 5 months. The highs of course have been him being here, the girls and their skating competition, spending time with family.
As I write this blog right now Sean and Chris are deeply engrossed in all sorts of military pictures and stories. Man this is so up his ally!! Sean and him are like two peas in a pod I kinda feel like the 3rd wheel right now. Hence now the reason I am blogging. So I will take this time to fill you in on all that's been going on.
So we all know I am moving and what a joyous occasion we thought this would be correct? Well it started out joyful but that faded really quick Wednesday night. Why you might ask.... BUGS!!! And not just any bugs but the most nasty of bugs...... ROACHES!! Ew the thought of them turn my stomach. At first I figured ok we would spray them, kill them and do all sorts of home defence stuff to prevent them. That was a joke in epic proportions. After further investigations by Chris today we discovered the root of the evil. I am so revolted by it I really just won't go into it. But we are in the process of fixing it and hope it will be taken ASAP. Chris has been amazing he has done a lot of moving while I was at work for a few days and at night Jason has been jumping in helping move things that Chris could not do alone. Hummm I should fill you guys in on that too shouldn't I??
Jason and Chris get along pretty good actually. I won't lie it did get off to a rocky start last weekend but buy the end of the skating competition there was actual conversations going, we all had a meal together and they even ganged up on me during a game of Uno Attack and also got me with glitter hair spray. I guess I am thankful. We will all be together at the family BBQ at my wonderful Aunt Karen's house tomorrow. I am super excited to be surrounded by all my favorite people and have them all get to know Chris.
Sunday will be more moving hopefully be finished with it and just be left with laundry and sorting through old stuff to get rid of. Monday we are all off of school so we will run errands find entertaining things for the kids and Chris and I will be having dinner with Karen and Doug. I am sad because the more I think about this weekend I know how fast it will go and my time with Chris will be coming to an end really soon. We have been trying not to talk about it but no luck it somehow keeps popping up. We drove out to Abilene Thursday and its a nice little area and I am sure it will be fun to go visit and stuff once Chris is back in November.
The kids really seem to like Chris. Hannah and Ella where shy at first but they are really starting to like him. Sean just met him today and its like they are old pals. Its great and it makes me really excited because I really worried about that.
Well I will blog more about this trip later and all the eventful things that happened. I just wanted to give everyone a taste of what its been like. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Updates and revisions!!

Ok so I have so changes to make to my post last night! I figured just posting a new one would be easier than editing the old one and it would just make me feel better to hahaha!
So I know I said Sean must have forgotten about Mother's Day or what ever but today God bless his step mom. I know I sure do love her! She had him go to the store pick out flowers and a card and he brought them to me after school up at work. I loved it! I never get flowers at work and it totally made my day. I made sure to embarrass him by lots of hugs and kisses. I had a huge smile the rest of the day! Thanks Myranda you really are a wonderful step mom and I know I would be lost without you!!
On the subject of Mother's Day gifts I am also needing to point out that lil miss Ellie did in fact make me a gift but she forgot and left it in her backpack all weekend. I love it also. They are hand print flowers. The teacher had her make 4 copies of her hand color them and cut them out. Well bless her heart she didn't get you had to cut in between the fingers so she cut around them so they didn't quiet turn out like the flowers they where suppose to but still they look like Tulips and I LOVE TULIPS!!! So that was nice to also get today too!
My phone is on the blink and not sure whats going on. I am unable to check email and texts as of now and it takes about 5 min for the phone to boot up! So until I can get it looked at my contact will be minimal with everyone! This is a nightmare!
Schedule for Dist. Saturday and Sunday
Ella Skates Sunday at 5pm
Hannah skates Saturday 1159am lt ent spotlight
233pm youth sync form
Sunday 801am solo comp
959 FS 3
Those times will probably change and I will email the new times if and when I get them. But for now that's when they skate. I hope that you can come and watch them. By the way check out my count down timer!!! Wednesday at 430pm Chris will be in DFW!!! I can not wait!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Emotional roller coaster!

This past week or so I have started losing motivation. I have been exhausted and stressed. I haven't been staying up as late either because I have just been so worn out and run down. I think a lot of things are starting to catch up with me. I am hopefully moving here in the next week or so. That alone just brings on stress, thankfully its just a few buildings over but moving and moving and it sucks! Work has been kicking my behind. I think all the kids realize summer is coming so they are all going nuts!! I still love them but wow these last few weeks have been crazy! And of course I have the long awaited arrival of Chris. I have never had so many emotions running through me its unreal! I have been so nervous I have been sick to my stomach. I honestly didn't think that would happen.
So next weekend we have the girls last big skating competition for the spring/summer. It will be in Duncanville at the Dr. Pepper Star Center. And I have to admit for the first time I really do not think Hannah is ready. Ella Grace is 4 we do not have high expectations and we put little pressure on her to do as well as Hannah. She has fun and that's what matters. Hannah just has had some rotten practices and just a lack of effort. She did so well at Winter Classic I think maybe after that we should have stopped while we where ahead. She had placed the best she ever had and did the best she had ever done. I think honestly she is bored and needs more challenge she just kinda stalls out when she is bored and has to do the same thing over and over. So this summer she will train for the higher levels and be pushed in different ways. I guess we will see what the summer holds for her and skating
Ah today was Mother's Day. I have to say that it was just about like any other day. I honestly did not expect much but it would have been nice for the kids just to try not to go out of there way to make me nuts. Oh well. Hannah made a beautiful book for me at school. It had a great picture of her, a nice poem that made me cry, her hand print and how much she loves me. Ella Grace must have not wanted to participate in the Mother's Day project in her class because she didn't have anything for me. I think Sean might have forgotten must have been reminded by his sister because he came in with a quickly made card and a almost guilty looking face saying "Happy Mother's day oh ya here is this!" I guess the kids reach a point in school that they stop doing the homemade gift because I guess it gets to "childish" but I love those gifts and was sort of sad this year that they where well not as big this year. Oh well maybe next year. We had skating practice of course today and that was um ya a blast. Ellie worked hard while Hannah was in a horrible mood and was unwilling to work. I was working with her and told her to get off the ice till Synchro practice because she needed to check her attitude. At least for Synchro practice she was in a bit of a better spot.
So that's about it. Not to much else is going on. I am sure Tuesday I will blog or maybe later this week once Chris gets here. Wow its going to be busy! Here is the week schedule:
Tuesday- Hannah/ Ellie practice. I get the girls stuff ready for Dist. I pack to go to the hotel with Chris.
Wednesday-Hannah practice. Chris comes and we head to the hotel
Thursday- ERRANDS, ERRANDS ERRANDS! Lots of prep work for Dist. Also prep work for the move!
Friday- Lunch with family. Hannah and Ella practice. Prep for Dist.
Saturday- Dist!
Sunday- Dist.
There is going to be more going on too but I don't want to ramble on about it. Anyways I am going to call it a night. I am beat and its going to be a long week! Nite all!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Really not a slacker!

Wow its been a while since I have updated! Things have just been tough. I am dealing with it but I guess that old saying is true..... "When it rains it pours!" That's about been my life the last well week or so. Life has just become one big overstimulating mess. I have so many things coming from so many directions I think for a while I forgot how to cope and deal and was not quiet me. And for those who know what that's all about I am sorry I apologize for all that has happened.

Moving on. I have decided to turn over a new leaf in my life. I need to become a more patient mom, person and teacher. I have let the stresses of all that has gone on get to me and I have to make that stop. I have been working on some things to help cope with that. I also am going to just remove people from my life that are negative and bring me down. I am not a good functioning person when they are in my life and it won't help me make the progress I want. So far this step is proving to be effective. I am very happy about that.

This weekend was quick and busy! The kids had a great time at the school picnic and the tour of the fire dept. I wish the weather would have been a bit better. Skating practice went very well and I am glad since we are two weeks away from competition. I finally got the thank you cards done from Ella Grace's party! Wow that took a while. I also found out that Sean is struggling in math so much so that it could effect how well he does next year in 4th grade. So I became very proactive about this printed off some multiplication work sheets and we worked on three of them. I figured out he gets stressed when you time him and only give him a few minutes to work on these problems like they do in school. I was the exact same way. I needed my time to take tests I focus better and Sean said he felt pressured and stressed only having a few minutes to answer these problems. When I gave him more time he answered 99 out of 100 correct and he seemed more relaxed. When I eventually get him tested I will bring this up. This could prove to be a big help in the long run. I am now looking into finding a summer math tutor. I am hoping one of my sisters can help if not I am open to suggestions!

Chris landed yesterday in the states! I am excited. He is now in Fl. with his family for the next 9 days and then he will be here. I am ready for him to get here. I am also preparing to move. I am hoping to make all that official this week too. Keep your fingers crossed. Its nice to be only a time zone away right now and not have to worry about if I am calling to early or if he is calling to early or to late. He will have a very busy trip. Hopefully this all does not go by to quick. Though I am sure it will.

Hopefully this week will be a bit more tame. Lord knows I need it. I enjoyed my weekend and am ready to see what this week holds. I will hopefully write more this week.