Monday, July 26, 2010

Another family update

So it's been about 6 weeks since my last update. Not to much is going on but life is still as busy as ever. We survived Sean and Hannah's birthdays and their parties. So birthdays are done for now thankfully!
Hannah had her testing done at Scottish Rite we go in a few weeks to get her results. She said it was not to bad and we did learn we need to get her vision tested. So here in the next month we will get that checked.
We find out this week if Ella will be going to Stonewall Jackson with her big sister and brother. Please keep your fingers crossed. Ella is really hoping to be there and so are we. The hearing seem to go well last week and they loved Ella.
Sean has been enjoying his summer at the YMCA camp. He is really coming into his own with his own style and stuff. It's amazing how much he really has just grown up. He will be in his last year of elementary school this year and has a busy year planned.
A month ago Chris found out he made his next rank as Tech Sergent. He has been working really hard for this and I am so proud of him. He sews on this rank on Friday. I am hoping to be there to be a part of it but not sure yet. It would make his day though if he could have his family there. Sean is hoping we can go too. He is wanting to see this and he likes taking the trip out there.
I am sure most of you want a update on baby Hunter. I had my glucose test today. Won't hear back for a few days on how that went. There are still concerns seems to be new ones so we are just taking it as they come. I barely gained 2lbs in 6 weeks and my measurements are not looking great. They haven't changed much at all from my last visit. We have an apt. to go get a Ultrasound Saturday morning. They want to check his growth and fluid levels. On the upside I am dilating so that is good. I have an apt. in 2 weeks but it might be sooner depending upon my results. Just keep your fingers crossed.
As for me, my school stuff is just about finished. All my stuff is turned in I just now wait to see if it's all complete and then submit it to the CDA council and wait for a date to meet with them. That should be this fall. Once that is completed I will aim to complete my Associates degree and take more classes in the Spring.
I will wrap this up with how excited I am about looking at this baby stuff around me! We have diapers, wipes, clothes and bottles. We also have a stroller and some toys and we are picking up a bunch of stuff this weekend from family. We are so excited and thankful for it all. It's starting to make all this more real. It's making us more nervous and scared. But in a good way. It's been 5 years so hopefully we aren't to rusty at the whole baby thing ha! I have spent tons of time on Babies R Us and Carters. I have so much stuff on my wish list and registry it's crazy. I am having way to much fun and I know Chris is too.
Well it's time for bed. Busy week ahead and I need some sleep. Ha ya right sleep is now a thing of the past! But it's ok I don't mind. But still rest is always a welcomed thing here! Good night all!