Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big news!!!

This is the one of him actually handing me the ring and asking me to marry him!
One of the ones of him putting the ring on my finger and asking me to marry him!

One of our favorites after he popped the question!!

This is the picture of the ring that I am soooooooooooo in love with!

Ok well some of you know and well some of you do not know this yet so I have decided now to make it all public because well we want to!! (No I am not pregnant!) But while Chris was here we decided to have my good friend Heather do some pictures. Now mind you this was my idea I wanted some pictures of Chris and I so we could just have something to look back at on his trip here. Well Chris had some other plans and behind my back talked to Mrs. Heather about his own idea for this special occasion. He went to some great lengths and I realized just how well those two can keep a secret.
It started out Monday morning May 18th. We where scheduled at 11am to meet at the Las Colinas Canals to get these pictures taken. We left early so we could get some breakfast. We stopped in at Corner Bakery for a quick breakfast where he was acting extremely goofy and cute. I thought it was funny but I sent texts to Heather that this might not happen because Chris was being "mean" to me! She was super insistent that we be there!! So we ate our breakfast and went over to our site. Chris and Heather where introduced and they acted like old buds it was great. We walked and joked to the site where Heather wanted to start our pictures. Nothing to me seemed strange or out of the ordinary at all. We started with a few and we where being silly and laughing. After a few dozen shots Heather announced that her battery was dying and instructed Chris to grab some batteries from her bag while she showed me the pictures she had so far. I must say they where awesome. A few minutes later Chris returned to Heather and I and we went back to posing for pictures. But what happened next absolutely blew me away. Heather somewhat instructed him to kneel down. I honestly thought nothing of it I thought it was a cute pose. Low in behold there was something in that hand of his ( no not the batteries Heather instructed him to get!) there was a a beautiful ring. I was shocked, I was floored, I was so so happy! Heather captured every second of the proposal and for that I am so grateful. I never thought it would have happened that day we had talked about it and all but nothing seemed like it was happening anytime soon.
I would put all the pictures up on here but there are over 80 of them so I guess that won't happen but I did pick about 5 of the ones that truly captured what happened that day. If I can I will try and put them up on FB but its been giving me trouble so we will see. I can never thank Heather enough for being there that day and taking those amazing pictures. This is for sure one day I will never ever forget. Of course she will be doing the wedding pictures and all that stuff!!
So that is our big news and we are so excited. If you would like to check out Heather's work her site is she also keeps a blog on here too. You should check out her work its amazing!
We have tentatively set a date for Spring of 2011 and we are hoping to have it at the arboretum. I love that place its beautiful and in early spring it would be a perfect place for a wedding. Of course this is a ways off and things change but of course I will be keeping everyone updated on whats going on. I am so excited I cannot wait to start planning!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking in.........

Evening all! I have decided that i would blog tonight but I really had to think hard about what to blog about! It has actually been pretty boring lately but on the upside my place is just about done. If you are on my FB page you have seen the pictures and most of you have commented about how great it looks! It will all be finished soon.
Right now I am just relaxing on my favorite chair watching some TV and enjoying the quiet. Ella crashed out before we could make it to the shower. She was out early tonight. She had a rough day home sick with me. I feel sorry for the little princess. I will give her a quick wash rag bath in the morning before school. I know I am on top of it can't you tell?! I will let her dad know so that tomorrow he is sure to give her a bath when she goes there. Hannah just got back a while ago from a sleep over and was having a rough evening and she ended up staying at her dads.
The girls are struggling to get back into the swing of being with mom during the week and dad during the weekend. I know it will take time but its sad watching them be so upset. Though I do realize that I am going to need to put my foot down with Hannah and tell her that we have to stick to this schedule no matter how mad and upset she gets with me. Which well lately seems to be a lot. I know its because of this but she still has to understand we love her and always will but this is for the best. Speaking of which I just got the Divorce Decree emailed to me yesterday evening. It was truly a bittersweet moment. I know that the marriage between Jason and I is over but its just well I can't describe it. This is a chapter in my life that is closed and over. Its very surreal. I just have to print off this decree sign it and that's it. Wow.
This weekend will be an emotional roller coaster I am sure. Saturday June 20 my brother Alex who passed away in March would have been 20 years old. I have really been down the last few days because I know that he won't be here and its sad such a young boy full of life gone so young. I miss him terribly and so do the kids. Honestly having some of his ashes here has been a big help to them. I know it might sound morbid and creepy but they know that Alex is here watching over us and that he will always be with us. I wanted to do something special that day but its suddenly become a busy day. Sean's 9th birthday party is that night. We will be swimming at the park and we are all so excited. His dad and step mom have been working hard to put this party together. I am sure its going to be awesome. I know Alex would not want us dwelling and would want us to party so well what better way than to celebrate his favorite nephews birthday but by having it on his birthday.
For those wondering, Chris is doing fine back in Korea. He misses home a lot but he knows in about 2o weeks he will be back. Work has kept him quiet busy and that has helped the time pass quickly. Here soon we will have the final say in where he will be stationed. We are hoping for Dyess in Abilene so keep your fingers crossed! We all miss him here and the kids ask often how much longer till he gets home. Sean is really excited about his return because he found out Chris bought a Wii! Chris sent him a wonderful email and it made me tear up just a little. He really loves my kids and that makes me happy. He did tell Sean that he needs to be the man of my house and do whats needed when it comes to chores ect. I know that Sean really likes him and that's really reassuring to me because I want my children to be happy with and comfortable with the man I am going to be with.
Tomorrow night I am having girls night!!! I am thrilled. I am spending the evening with two of my favorite women. Heather B and Lauren M! We will be mixing some business and pleasure but either way who cares its a night out to kick back and have a blast. I am also excited to see K. She is a cutie. We will dine on some lovely Mexican food and just chat. Sean will be staying at his dads for the night and the girls will be at their dads. All I know is I am excited to have a night out.
The rest of the weekend will be pretty quiet. Saturday is packed but Sunday is looking pretty calm. The kids will be with their dads for Father's Day so it will give me part of the day to be alone. Again what ever will I do. Well I think I am going to call it a night. I want to wish all the dad's out there happy Father's Day. I hope all you have a wonderful, fun, safe weekend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are you kidding?!

I swear I must have a big cloud looming over my head! Since last weekend it has just been one thing after another. I mean really starting from Friday and well up until now I keep getting hit with stuff. Lets start with ohhhhhh Friday and work are way to today:
Friday- after going to pick up my son from his dads house Friday night I went to open the car door and fell off the curb and sprained my ankle! Ugh what damn luck
Saturday- After a crummy night sleep I went to babysit. Now the babysitting went fine but there was a slight miscommunication issue and I ended up with no ride home. But this super sweet mom after I said I would take a taxi home refused to let me do so and gave me a ride home. I was mortified and felt horrible!
Sunday- nothing to horrible but I decided that would be a good day to lug 3 containers of laundry up the stairs to my place and put laundry away. Good grief did that hurt! I was so determined to get it done but man it hurt.
Monday- More family drama that I swear is just going to send me right over the edge! I mean it is to the point where I am losing sleep I swear
Tuesday- NO AC!!! Yep went to my house was doing a few things realized it was hot and sure enough the picture frame I have the so kindly displays the inside temp told me it was 86 degrees! Ya how is that for fun!

Well looking at the positive side things tomorrow and Thursday are going to be spent cleaning and organizing with some great family and friends who I have lured in to helping me. I am so incredibly thankful for their help! I am hoping by the end of this week everything is in a decent working order and I can enjoy my new place. I joke with Chris that it will take till November to get this dang place in order!

The kids are off to a good summer so far. Hannah and Ella had skating today and had a great lesson. I just cannot believe how much they are growing and maturing. Tonight during dinner Ella vanished to her room for a bit and all was quit and I went to peek in and saw her on the floor by the bed with a notepad doodling a picture and writing some of the letters she knows along with her name. She is just to big now. Hannah is coming out of her shell more and trying new things. Now if I could get her to stop sucking that thumb we might be in some good shape. We are approaching Sean's 9th birthday and he is becoming more and more like a young man every day. He will be nine soon and it still blows my mind that its been 9 years! The time is flying by.

Well the girls are shrieking because the Jonas Brothers are on right now! Since when did my girls fall in love with boy bands and adore Miley/Hannah Montana? I am approaching the days of attending concerts I can feel it. I have dodged the bullet already on the Jonas Brothers but I know it won't happen for much longer. I guess its time to end this because the girls are doing my hair and its growing quiet painful and making me a bit worry some!
Ok so I will have a working AC Thursday. Guess I will have to bring some fans to my house tomorrow to get this work done and thank god for ceiling fans right?!
Night all have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time marches on.....

Today I realized that time is marching on quickly. Several things brought that to mind. Today Hannah and Sean had their last day of school, I officially have a 2nd grader and a 4th grader! Chris pointed out that as of today he made it through 7 months of his deployment. And I realized we are almost a week in to June. It does seem now like things are going quick. Tomorrow officially starts summer and in a few short months I will be preparing to send them off to school and then we role into the holidays and Chris returning home.
I have been asked how my new place is and well its defiantly much better than my old place and after tomorrow I think I will be good to go staying there. I should have a fixed fridge and a final answer to the bug issue. Now comes the fun of unpacking and getting organized. I am in for a lot of work. Any takers on help?! I am serious!! I will ummm pay you with food and my undying love and affection hahaha. My biggest things are getting the kitchen cleaned organized and in working order and just going through boxes to put the playroom/study together.
Today I went to the Sean and Hannah's school for the closing ceremony and their last day. I was surprised but I didn't get as emotional as I had in the past. I think next year will be different seeing as that will mean Sean will be in 5th grade and in his last year of being at the best school ever! But I am trying not to think that far ahead. The ceremony was nice I got a few pictures I will do what I can do load them up my computer has decided not to cooperate tonight. Hannah's teacher gave each child a CD with I think 1500 pictures on it! Wow what a dedicated teacher! I will load the 65 of her that I found on Facebook when that also decides to cooperate also. Something with my Active X or something so for now I can not load pictures on FB.
Chris has been gone a week. I am doing really well I am sad and down but we have talked a lot and emailed so that's really good. He has been back in Korea now a few days and seems to have gotten back in the swing of things. He even said today that the day was going really quick! I loved hearing that. That is when he also mentioned he had been gone 7 months! His ETA home should be around the middle of Nov so like 12th maybe. He was told if all goes well the 3rd but I think its a safe bet that it will be later than that. Also sounds like Abilene will be his new home! Even if its not and he goes to Shreveport I am fine with it and will be ok. I am just ready for him to come back I miss spending time with him!
Well in a few weeks Sean will be 9! wow 9 years have gone by so quick. He is such an amazing boy I am so proud of him! His dad and step mom are planning on hosting a swim party for him at a local park by the house and I am excited it sounds like it will be fun. Not to far after that Hannah will be 7! Again where has the time gone. Her party plans are still in the works. I just found out today 2 other girls in her class have July birthdays around the same time as her so we are discussing maybe a group deal. Summer birthdays are so hard!
Well I had more on my mind but after spending the evening with the girls playing video games, watching the Bee movie and looking at pictures all my thoughts have slipped away. The girls are each in bed neither one in PJ's because they where so exhausted! But tonight I do not even care I am ok with them as long they are asleep and happy that is all that matters right? We had so much fun tonight and it was just a nice quiet night. I love those kind of nights. I hope to have more of them. I hope everyone is having a great week. Ahhh the weekend is almost here!!