Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life back in the swing of things!

Well it has been a month now that I have been back home, back to work and back in a routine! It really went by so quick. I spent most of the last few days thinking about all the events over the course of the last 4 months that have changed everything. I think this mostly came on because I spent my Thanksgiving with my kids and husband out in Abilene. Being there this past week made me really miss life out there and the time with my husband.

We arrived Tuesday night after I got off work for our Thanksgiving break. The kids were so excited to see the duplex and just be on vacation! Wednesday was mostly spend shopping and baking while the kids played outside and enjoyed the new surroundings. Wednesday was also the day that it really hit me how much I love being out here. The duplex is big and roomy, it has a wonderful kitchen to cook in, a big laundry room, and just over all lots of room with updated appliances etc. I always compare my condo to this place and well there is just no comparison. Honestly come on I would much rather live in a place where I can open my doors and windows and still feel safe, were I can take a nice long walk and not worry about the people who are around me, and the kids can just run outside and play and run and be well a kid and I don't have to think about some nut job wanting to take off with them. This is how I want my kids to get to live and well a life for me also. But that is just the difference between Dallas and Abilene.

Thanksgiving day was busy busy. I do not think I sat down once! I pretty much cooked and cleaned throughout the day but I didn't care because I had all my kids and my husband together to celebrate. So dinner might have lasted less than 20 minutes but the fact that we actually all sat at the table together and shared this meal meant so much to me! I really spent the evening thinking how thankful I was for the family I have, that I have Hunter here with us, and that my husband is home and not deployed! This month marked 1 full year he has been home. He has not ever been home for a year at a time so this to us was a big deal.

By Friday I was dreading the fact that our trip was coming to a close and that the following day we would have to head home back to Dallas. I really love the peacefulness that being out there brings, having neighbors I actually know and talk to, these are just things I don't have where I live. I know this sounds like I should just pick up and move and if it was that simple I am sure I would but there is so much to take into consideration besides just me, I have 3 well 4 very good reasons why I am not packing up a U-Haul and moving out. Those reasons would be Sean, Hannah, Ella and my job. I am not selfish I think of the big picture. Anyways we made the most of the day by making goodies, putting up the tree and other Christmas decorations and the kids of course assembled a gingerbread house. They had such a great time I loved watching them play together.

Saturday morning came and I was just full of sadness. It meant that the break had come to an end. I hate packing! Some how we got the truck packed and loaded in about 45 min! This is a record for us. Around this time I started having trouble with my left eye. I spent the whole car ride growing so frustrated with it. Ella slept most of the ride and Hannah and Sean read or played video games. Hey I can handle that!! We got into Dallas around 7pm dropped Sean off and then headed to my house to wait for Jason to get the girls. Right after they left my eye had finally decided to swell shut so off to the ER we went. No big deal just an eye infection and scratched cornea. I'll be on eye drops for about 10days.

While we were there Chris and I realized that 13 weeks earlier we had just finished up dinner up in ante partum and discussing when Hunter might be making his appearance. I won't ever forget that Sunday morning my nurse DeeAnna told me it was my lucky day and I would be having a baby that day! That's when it hit us that 3 months have passed so fast. Well make that 4 months. So much has happened and changed it is crazy. A month ago I moved back to Dallas to go back to work and resume some sort of normalcy. I will say it was a slow rough start but it is getting better. Hunter did get his 1st ear infection a week ago but ya know what he is a good sick baby so I can't complain. Sean has made great progress with his own health and it makes me so happy.

So in one way or another things are back to normal. Now we are gearing up for Christmas break which is 3 weeks away. where is the time going?! Well the lil man is up and needs to eat and I need some sleep. Back to the grind tomorrow. I can hold out a few more weeks for a nice vacation.