Monday, March 2, 2009

The swimming mind....

So my kids are finally in bed and I am sitting here letting all my thoughts kind of fall and collect around me. I realize now just how much I have going on. Between now and Summer is my busiest time of the year. My birthday along with my sisters birthday are this month along with spring break and a skating competition and a couple of photo sessions for the kids. April is Easter ( thanks for reminding me Heather!) Ella's 4th birthday, and her birthday party ,and Chunky Monkey's Easter Egg hunt. Then there is May ahhhhhh the month I have been waiting for since I think November. May brings some wonderful things but the one I am most excited about is........ the arrival of Chris. Chris will be here for almost 2 weeks! I am beyond excited but now realize just how much I have to accomplish to be ready for his arrival. Also the kids will be winding down from school and of course the girls will have Dist. in Duncanville for skating.
So now you might ask what all would the arrival entail of Chris's homecoming? Well my place is a disaster. Most of you know what a horrible landlord and property manager I have. My landlord more so than the property manager but still. I have had a barely livable place now for almost a year. Its beyond depressing I swear. More often than not I am stuck having to stay at my ex husbands place because something has gone wrong. Well between now and May I am going to get what I need done such as getting the air ducts cleaned since the dry wall dust created such a mess they needed to be cleaned, I am having a cleaning service come out and totally deep clean my place so that its sanitary and livable, I need a new stove and refrigerator ( know of any good deals?) and my bath tubs have the paint/sealant coming up and its a mess so they need to be redone, and other random junk that I dread doing. But sweet wonderful Chris is going to help me get a lot of this done when he is home on his mid tour break. I know yes I feel guilty here is a man who has been overseas and he comes home for a relaxing break and I put him to work. Well before I get attacked let me state that he did offer to help because he knows just how stressful this is for me. He is a wonderful man to help me out on this.
anyways I digress....... so I have just a million things and I thought I had more time to get things done and suddenly I realize its March! Wow I have so much to do and so little time. So you ask what is it that I have to accomplish well I have these stupid tickets that I have to take care of and I need Jason's help on getting them taken care of but that's not going so well. I really do not want to get into them but its just a giant pain, I have the papers I need to get this divorced finalized now to just keep that ball rolling because this has dragged on long enough, I need to work on renewing my lisc so that well I am legal and can enjoy the night out for my bday hahaha, I am contemplating about if I should take more time off when Chris is here since I know we have lots of things we want to do, I am also looking to some parenting courses to help Sean since he just got into this program at Shelton to help him with school, and just a million other things that would just drag this blog on and on. I hate that feeling that you do all this stuff and and in the end it does not feel like you made any progress at all but just made a bigger mess. That's kind of how things feel right now. UUUGGGHH I hate that feeling. I have started making this list and things that I can do on my break at work I do like call the lawyer, make apts for me or the kids, pay bills, and talk to Chris. Thats usually the only oppertunity I get is on break because of his work schedule and the time difference between here and Korea.
So anyways the weekend was pretty quiet which is quiet a change of pace but I won't complain it was nice. Sean went to the golf expo and had a blast. He now wants to play more golf. Eh what could it hurt right? I want to encourage him to do different things and Top Golf is up the street he has some free passes and a new golf club might as well let him loose who knows maybe he will be the next Tiger Woods! Hannah and Ella has skate school and wow they are just progressing like you wouldn't believe. For those of you familiar with skating Hannah landed some beautiful loop jumps that are HUGE! I mean wow her coaches are beyond impressed and I am to. Her flip jump is hit and miss but they changed her entrance to the jump and I think it has confused her a bit. Her sit spin is also great. I am ready to see this in action when we go to Dist. I can not wait to see her compete at this higher level. She has really impressed us all with how quick she is learning and progressing. Ella again just amazes me. She is not even 4 and just goes out there like its nothing she learns so much and does so much it makes me so proud. She wants to learn everything and teach herself everything its awesome. She wants to be just like Hannah. She will wake up bright and early in the morning and say " I WANT TO SKATE!!!" I have to curb that enthusiasm but I know she loves it and if there was a way I would probably take her haha. So really the weekend was just low key. This weekend however will be a bit more packed and that's ok!
Oh ya how could I forget...... Ella won a photo contest and will be modeling this weekend and having her pictures done. She is super excited and I am to. My friend Heather with Chunky Monkey Photography will be doing the pictures and so I know they will turn out awesome as always. I have no idea what she will be wearing but I am sure it will be cute. She is glad to have gotten her hair cut so that she looks good for her pictures. Man does that little girl crack me up! She is for sure an old sole. As soon as I get the pictures I will post them both on Facebook and on Myspace. I swear pictures is my drug. I can not get enough pictures of my kids! I love them.
Well not much else to report this week should be fairly quiet and uneventful (knock on wood) just lots of work. I hope Kara comes back tomorrow. I babysit this weekend and I need to book Ella's bday party. I know there is other stuff but I am just having a brain lapse! Well good night all! Off to watch Jimmy Kimmel make Jason from the Bachelor feel like a total pig for what he did! Happy reading!