Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another day.......

Evening all. So its Wednesday and at almost a week after Matt's visit no word on what the deal is. Frustrating yes I would think so! I have been talking with some people here in the condos and there might be a place or two coming available here soon. I won't get my hopes up but we will see. I hate dealing with people like this. Its so annoying!
Doctors results? ya have not gotten those yet either! I swear I think everyone is out to get me! Honestly do all these people like watching me sit in agony?! I don't get it at all. So I guess when I hear something you guys will hear something!
As of today its exactly 7 weeks and Chris will be here. We are both excited and really needing a vacation. He has the hotel all picked out and taken care of. We have a busy trip planned so I am sure it will go by fast. I am excited for him to meet the kids and my family. Jason and I talked and he has stated that he wants to talk and meet Chris before the kids are introduced to him. While I see where Jason is coming from I am also a big girl capable of making the right choice on when the right time is to introduce my children to someone. I am sure this will be awkward awful and intense but I am sure I will live. I am just not sure how to handle and figure this all out. I just want this all to go smooth because I am not up for stupid drama!
I actually did not have as much to write about as I thought but just thought I would I guess update. I can't say that the rest of my week will be exciting but who knows that could change. The girls are crashed out after much fighting and debate! I am watching this horrible show on A&E I think its called The Exterminators! Oh my gosh this show is just awful. I hate bugs and rodents but I was so busy doing stuff on here I didn't want to change the channel but if you love horrible reality TV then this is up your alley. Ahh that reminds me I need to finish this so I can catch up on Grey's! Do not fill me in on this season I will watch for myself! Well its now 11pm I am done rambling so nite nite all!