Sunday, March 8, 2009

And the week is over!

So here we are another week down and with that its been um busy I guess! Of course I say that and I am thinking sheesh what all did we do this week? Of course there was skating. There is always, always skating. And then there is work. I did celebrate my 2 year anniv. at the Community School this week. Wow really it's kind of scary to know its been 2 years. So much has happened in that time. Hannah landed a Lutz (a really hard jump two levels higher than where she is at right now) and a Camel spin( another maneuver 2 levels higher and hard seeing as you spin with your leg out behind you)! Wow my baby just impresses the heck out of me. Ella is still moving along but lately is in a goofy phase but we don't pressure her to much. We did some Top Golf Thursday. I am going to take some pictures the next time we go because watching my girls hit golf balls is HYSTERICAL! I swear they look more like hockey players when they are standing up on that green carpet getting ready to whack the ball. But they have fun and that of course is what matters to me. Its nice for them to do something other than skating! Speaking of we compete in a small local in house competition March 22nd at the Galleria. I do not have a schedule yet but give me a few days and I will post it up here.
So lets see we had a busy weekend also. Skating classes yesterday where once again they just did an awesome job. Hannah woke up with an ear infection and low grade temp but still went out and skated well. Ella did good but got silly and tried to bug the tar out of her coach! I was suppose to babysit but he and his daddy where ill so they had to cancel. Its ok though I think it was for the best. Last night I do not know what came over my children but they where rotten and I do mean rotten to the core! Sean is at this age where he thinks its cool to back talk and act flip. Oh I so hear the words of my mother now " I hope one day you have 5 kids just as bad as you!" I recall rolling my eyes and thinking god I am not that bad. Man oh man am I eating those words now! I love my son please do not get me wrong but sometimes I am just wondering what his deal is?! I know I know boys will be boys but lately after talking to some specialist I have realized that maybe there is more to it and we are working with it . I did drop the ball and forget to attend the 1st parenting course Thursday but hey I was sick that day and did not feel like sitting through that class. So anyways Hannah threw this massive tantrum that landed her in bed early and a nice cool down in the shower! Oh yes how can I forget the lovely tantrum my dear Ella bean threw that afternoon! Yes that sweet little princess had this massive blow out which had me slapped in the face twice! Yes that's right twice!!!! It hurt but it was also funny. I had to fight back laughing but man I was mad at her! She was super tired and shortly after crashed out for 3 hours! ( she later climbed in my lap and gave me lots of hugs and kisses and said sorry!)
Chris news......... So he got word tonight that no he will not be going to Hill (Utah)!!! That is a giant relief. I do not want to not sound supportive of him but ya know wow Utah is a big jump. He is happy to so if he is happy I am happy. We are counting down the days till he is here! May 13th just can not get here soon enough. We also just found out tonight that he will be here for Dist. in May so he will get to watch Hannah and Ella skate. He sounds excited about that also.
As for my place my dear sweet godmother/mom gave me an awesome offer last night that I so do not want to turn down Here is what she emailed to me the other night:LOVE you, my little James, read your blog page tonight and am so happy that you'll be seeing Chris soon. Let me know if we can get some friends together and have a BIG clean up in your apt. I can bring a vacuum, mops, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and anything else that you might need!!!!................. So if you are interested in helping me I would love the man power. I just need to figure out a date and I will pay you guys with food hahaha. ( my aunt is giving me this as a gift for my bday!) Its not a lot of work but maybe just a few hours worth.
Oh one last thing Ella had pictures taken today for Sewtastic a children's Boutique. She won a photo contest and my friend Heather with Chunky Monkey Photography took the pictures. She looked adorable from what I could see. I can not wait to get these pictures and I will put some up here. Ella is in love with the dress and now wants to wear it all the time! Figures.
Well that's it for tonight. I am getting sleepy now. Maybe these Cysts will let me get some rest tonight. Last night was a joke. Have a great Monday all and I will blog again soon!