Monday, March 23, 2009


Well its almost been a week since I updated this I don't want it to be a huge long rambling. But I guess there is a bunch to update on. Such as my birthday day dinner, housing update, girls skating competition and misc. this and that kind of stuff. So I guess I will start from the top and work my way down. Hopefully this does not become to long!
So let see Thursday after work Matt (the real estate agent) came by to take some pictures and do a bit of a walk through of my home. He was pretty hard to read on what was going to happen but I just wanted him to see what I have been subjected to over the course of the last few months. He took some pictures said he would mail them to the owner/landlord of the place and see what would happen. I am hoping this will be fixed so we do not have to break my lease and move I hate moving! And well I just need to have more time to find a place to go ect. Its now Monday and no word. I am going to shoot him an email after this to see where we stand since the 1st is right around the corner. Maybe I will have good news by tomorrow or something.
Friday night was my birthday dinner. The day was mostly spent at the rink with the girls and I did a bit of shopping for my big night out. I bought some really cute stuff and I am excited to show it off. Well I did show off a new cute pink dress with a little white sweater. I think I might try and post a few pictures of the evening. I was a bit disappointed at the turn out of the evening. I am grateful for those who did show up and understanding of those unable to make it. The waitress sucked and it was just well an interesting night and I am thinking about in May scheduling a redo so if you missed out you will get a second chance. But thank you Mel, Laurie, Heather, Stacy, Julie and Meg. I am so glad you girls could make it!
Sunday the girls competed in a local competition at the Dallas Galleria. While this competition in the past has normally been a big competition over the years it has shrank. And now that Hannah is moving up to higher levels skating at such a small rink is proving to be more of a challenge. So for this she did fewer more laid back events to prepare for Dist. in May. She placed 1st in all her events and once I get the pictures from Trina I will put a few up also. Ella Grace only did one event and she got 1st also. I think she did better this weekend than at Winter Classic but she will not be moving up to the next level for Dist. Hannah's synchro team looked great despite the absence of their head coach. Aerin did a great job with them. They looked great!
So ok now we are caught up to Monday and I am just kinda blah. The doctor never called me today with results so now I need to call tomorrow to see whats going on. If its anything like my visit I am sure they forgot or lost my stuff haha!! So I did my best to not let it bother me over the weekend and it really didn't until today so when I know more you will know more. I also received a letter from my traffic lawyer and it said to call ASAP. I am not sure if ASAP means the same in lawyer terms as it does in say just regular speak. I called it took about 5 min or so for them to figure out who I was ect. and then when they finally did they where like oh ya the lady you need to speak to is out on lunch for another 10 minutes we will have her call you once she gets in. I said great I have another hour left on my break. My guess it was not that important because she never called me back. I am a little perturbed because well they have my money and I haven't heard much else like court date or anything and now not returning calls. I will try again tomorrow and hope to have more success in this.
On a final note we are about to tthe 7 week more for Chris' arrival and I am excited and nervous and just overwhelmed. I know that he is to. So much is going on in both of our lives it just somewhat nuts. I know he is excited but you know men they well do not show emotions like women do and do not communicate as much. We have a busy trip planned and I am pretty sure it will fly by. But I know once he goes back it will only be a few more months before he is home for good. And no we do not know yet where home for good will be but we do know it will not be in UTAH!!!
So that's about it for tonight. Hannah is begging for strawberries and whipped cream and Ella Grace is impressing me with the block letter E that she made and is coloring in. I am going with it she had a rough weekend so what ever makes her content and happy at this point. Next week she moves to Pre-K I am super excited and can not wait for this new adventure for us. Have a great night ya'll and I will write again soon!