Saturday, March 14, 2009

The nasty curve balls of life!

So I am sure this probably a blessing in disguise but still its a curve ball I was not ready for yet! So this all has to do with my POS condo that I have said that I have a love hate relationship with. While I was ready to kiss that place good bye in August I was so frustrated with it but it was my place. This was my first place that was MINE all mine after Jason and I split up. It was the first place that really made me realize I can do this on my own and that I can be independent and do my own thing. And while the first year was a little bumpy but not to bad I was excited to sign on for year number two. And going into year number 2 I was aiming to find something of course better and in the school dist. I want.
I had some big plans and around June I saw things really take a nasty turn. I guess the few months prior being with out gas was awful but I can handle it in the name of my place not blowing up during the repair. Then water main issues causing me to not have water again I don't want my place flood so sure turn off my water. All this time having to go between my house and Jason's. But then I started having tub trouble and leaking water. At first it wasn't a huge deal and would come and go. I didn't worry to much. But then I went to Denver for a week for the girls skating competition. I had a friend watch my place. Next time I will be a bit more wise in that choice!!! So while I am gone the leak begins to get worse! Finally it was so bad the ceiling was saturated along with the wall. Long story short mine and my neighbors walls and ceiling where crumbling in our kitchens and growing all sorts of MOLD!!! After the real estate agent and owner of the place and the owner of the vacant condo next door all pulled their heads out of their asses and figure out who would pay for what ect the repairs went underway. I knew I was screwed when the quote this dude had was super low. The old saying rings true you get what you pay for! So after about two weeks of repairs ect. we are now into I think Sept. or Oct. All this time I was having to stay with Jason. Yes yes I am paying rent to I had to in order apparently to pay for these repairs, I know this makes no sense now but just keep this in mind it makes sense later on.
So now we are at the holiday season and I was ready to go back home but the morons who did the repairs left it such a disaster that it needed even more work!! Dry wall dust got into the dryer motor and caused it to stop working, dry wall dust got into the lines of the stove and they stopped working, the tub that kept backing up with water had pretty much rotted and would not get repaired because well I don't think I can ever get a straight answer on that. there was water damaged and moldy pieces reused to fix the molding and stuff on the walls in my kitchen and laundry room. So this is when the round and round and stuff begins. I called Simon who was the contractor for my place and told him the issues and to let Matt know so we could get the ball rolling and get me back in there. Well that's when I start to hear about no money blah blah kinda crap. I am like oh my god really. So I get so caught up in the holidays I really just cant use my place for more than storage and maybe a few over night stays. The showers are a mess the kitchen is useless and I only have a usable washer. Just not ok for the kids. To much dust and to much mess. I kept getting the run around so I give up. I suck it up and make it my new years resolution to get this crap fixed. The first of the year rolls around and I now realize I got to get this place fixed Chris will be here soon and I need to be back home doing my thing and what I had set out to do when I left Jason. And if I am paying rent on my glorified storage unit than by god i should be living there!
So here we are this weekend after Thursday night having a melt down and saying enough is really enough. Karen tells me to find my lease take pictures of the damage and email it to her. Its 10pm at night and I march over there while Jordan is on the phone entertaining me because its creepy and scary there alone at night. After about half an hour later all the pictures where taken and no lease was found. I loaded them and sent them to Karen. I emailed Matt asked for a copy of my lease. The next evening I got emails phone calls ect. The lady who owns the place isn't making money and stuff and wants to get out now and that's why repairs can't be made because there is no money left to make repairs. That's understandable I guess. But now I could be out sooner than I planned and not thrilled. I have not saved do not know where to look or go. I have Chris coming here in 9 weeks and I am overwhelmed. I am possibly meeting with Matt tomorrow to figure out where we stand on this. I am telling him the soonest I will move is after May.
I am debating to upload my pictures for all of you to see. I might do that later.