Sunday, March 1, 2009

picking up where I left off.........

So when I started this blog earlier this evening I realized that thisis best done if my children are well entertained or asleep. I am way to ADD to try and keep track of whats going on and write. So as most of you know or I am going to guess all of you know I have three kids. I love my kids they are my everything. Sean is just this amazing 8 year old that I just can not discribe. He is active full of life and just wants to love you and make you proud. And he does everything he does just makes me proud to be his mom. As most of you know we have been struggling right now with some school things but we are reaching some wonderful answers to help us better meet his needs. I am blessed to know some wonderful people who are there to help us and as for now we will not need medication because I think that for Sean that won't be needed. This is a child that has been through quiet a bit. But he takes it in stride and just goes with the flow.
Ohhh then there is my Hannah Banana my sweet girl. She is 6 and just as innocent and sweet as can be. She is definatly my athelete. She is a very gifted figure skater who has just really proved that she has what it takes to make a good competitive skater. She loves it she wants it and can not get enough of it. She is the popular child at school and well liked amoungst her peers. She is for sure my drama queen and has a flare for the theatrics. Hummm wonder where she gets that from hahaha. But I love her she is special to me.
And of course last but not least my Ella Bean! My little red head my strong willed baby. Talk about smart that child is as sharp as a tack! You can never pull one past her. She has discovered how to write her name and now loves writing and wants to learn more. She is almost 4 and acts like she is almost 5! She has this temper you just don't want to mess with. She is strong and independant. I love it I have raised a strong little girl!
So thats it those are my kids that is my life. My life which I love and live for daily. I love my job. I teach toddlers and I love that challenging job. I am trying to go to school. I want my Assoc. Degree. I really do. I am working now to complete my CDA (Child Development Associates credential) and I hope to have this completed before the summer. When I am not working I spend my time with my kids mostly my daughters and their skating. Yes did I mention my baby skates too and she is a hoot to watch. I hope you all enjoy following this blog. I am so excited that I started it. I look forward to your comments. I love love love getting comments on what I write. I hope to get pictures up soon to! Well a rerun of Grey's is on and then Army Wives ( I LOVE THAT SHOW!!). Well I am sure I will blog again tomorrow. Till then nite nite and sweet dreams!