Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I felt this overwhelming need to blog. And I opened this window up around 2 hours ago. Now I sit here and think so what should I write about. Do I go into that wonderful fun filled doctors apt. I had yesterday? Nah because well besides the thyroid deal I do not know how much I would really want to divulge on here but I guess once I get test results I will say more. Just lots of female issues and well I can not say that I am surprised. Then there is the whole housing issue. The kids are on spring break but nothing to exciting there. And then of course there is Chris and his soon arrival to Dallas! So I opt to start the night out with housing and work my way through the topics.
So the latest and the greatest on the housing. I love my family well the family that I stay associated with! My cousin Timmy is a lawyer and has decided help me with this crappy housing situation. Long story short he used his lawyer muscles today and talked with Matt is coming over tomorrow we are going to look at the damage see what is easily fixable what can more than likely get fixed and see what just isn't going to get done. If we realize that there is no happy middle we will agree to just break the lease and move on. While everyone is probably thinking yippy your lease will be broken your free. I am not thrilled I hope its fixable I want to kind of stay till this lease is over. I need time to find my next place and stuff. I hate being rushed in these kind of things. I am sure most would agree right? So tomorrow after work I will meet with Matt I will update and let everyone know where we go from here.
So the kids are on spring break. Nothing really fun and exciting there. Hannah has been skating Tuesday and Wednesday. She loves that more than I think going to my school. Sean has been doing some day camp and I really have not heard from him but I will pick him up this weekend. I am sure I will hear alllll about it! I am not a fan of spring break well I am but this is the last break before school lets out for the Summer. I am not ready for that quiet yet!
So 8 weeks from today Chris will be here! I am trying to really really wrap my head around this and know that we will have 10 days to spend with each other. I know we have some fun things planned and he is excited about seeing the girls skate. To be on the safe side he has booked a hotel because as of right now we have no idea where I will be. I think even if I am in my place I think this hotel sounds pretty swanky I might say forget my place lets stay at the hotel! Its in uptown and seems fancy so I am excited about that. After speaking with Chris tonight I can tell he is needing a vacation. He is just really ready for a break things seem crazy for him there and I know he is wondering how he did on his promotions test and he won't find that out until after his leave. Now that has to be agonizing!
And well I guess I could just kinda say whats up on the doctor apt. yesterday. I guess when its been a few years I should not be surprised at what they have to say. My thyroid is very much enlarged and that has been what has caused my extreme rapid weight loss. While I have enjoyed my weight loss I know that this can be dangerous. So I guess once I get the results on those test I will know more and go see an endocrinologist. Of course there where a myriad of other things done but I will say due to a cyst that ruptured I have a really bad cervical infection requiring antibiotics that ugghhh are not pleasant. I have a few cysts they want to keep an eye on because they do not know if they might require surgery to remove but again pending results we will know more in a few days. Just do not like surprised especially with my health. So any news and I of course will update.
Oh and how could I forget the girls compete Sunday at the Galleria for a skating competition. Its not a real big one but I am still excited for them none the less. I am sure I will take a ton of pictures not nearly as well as Heather but I will make my attempt. Anyways that's it for the night. I think I rambled enough and feel a bit better. I hope everyone has had a great week. Have a good night and sweet dreams!