Friday, October 2, 2009

Peace,Love and INSANITY!

Evening all! I have made to the end of a crazy week! I bet you are wondering what inspired this weird title tonight. I have dealt with all of it this week and it just sounded fitting. So here I am on another kid less Friday night since Sean is sick this time so I have the time to blog. This has been helping me a lot lately. I just have a short while of these quiet weekends. Not that having Sean is at all quiet! But pretty soon weekends will be a bit different we will become a trio instead of a duo! But I think from talking to Sean he won't mind the 3rd wheel joining us!
So the Peace in my title.. There has been a lot of conflict and emotion. I was overly stressed, had many obstacles come up, curve balls thrown my way, and unexpected illness. We thought Hannah didn't have the flu we took her and Ella back to the doctor because they had a fever and low and behold they both had the flu. That same day Jason got served papers about the divorce and that was a fiasco because he assumed I was suing for other things and we had it out a huge fight mean things ect. I was scared and worried of what was going to happen and everyone was right. Jason just needed time to think, breath, absorb and now he has calmed down and things are fine. My kids are doing better. I am ok with having a bad week at work. Its the weekend now and I am at peace with it all.
Then there is Love........... I am so ready for the love of my life to come home. We are so close now. A month from today we will be in a hotel relaxing and just being able to be alone with one another. We just need to pick up where we left off and just I guess really get reacquainted with each other. We have 4.44 weeks and 31.11 days and he will be done, finished, HOME!! The emotions have been high and overwhelming. I am mentally preparing for what life will be with another person back in the house. Doing things as a team as a couple will also be so different. I have been so used to doing all this alone and now having someone here with me will be so different. I am not saying its a bad thing at all just something I will have to get adjusted to.
My INSANITY..... This week has been insane! All from one extreme to the other. The last night with the storms my roof decided to let water pour in! I have a giant crack in my ceiling and a nice gap that will of course allow more water in until it gets fixed. I called the property manager and they will have a roofer call me. So basically that means I will have 3 more phone calls, the landlord calling them and maybe my cousin Tim in on this. This management company sucks. I hear we have more rain coming to. I have all my containers lined up and ready for it! All I need is this front porch to rot off in the next rain and I officially live in a dump! I swear I smell my downstairs neighbor smoking a joint! Its so nice here!
I want to remind everyone that we want to have a big outing after Chris gets home to Dick's and House of Blues. I am also working on a family deal too so that everyone can come and welcome Chris home. Just need to set up a place and date. I am thinking maybe a near by park and having a huge picnic. I want to get every ones input so please let me know. Also a early reminder that the girls are both skating in the annual tree lighting show at the Galleria. It will start right after Thanksgiving and runs every Saturday till the weekend before Christmas. If you are instead let me know and I will be sure to help get you a spot so you can see the show. It starts at 5pm and lasts about 3o minutes. Its great we even have the back flipping Santa! If you want more info on it let me know!
Well that's it for now. We have fall pictures Sunday I am sure I will be blogging more than also! Toddles!