Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Remember back in the 80's people would tell you something and it was mind boggling awesome and just when you where like "wow that's so cool" or "how did I get so lucky" you would get this feeling thing of excitement and energy to suddenly have that person go "PSYCH!!!! Yep that's how I feel right now. Its a mass of things that just have brought this on and tonight while in the kitchen cleaning, listening to fighting, yelling that homework needs to be done, and looking at the messes needing to be tended to I began to feel just like that!
For a while we had been on this steady rhythm of get home, get dinner make, homework done, bath, bed, cleaning, ect. The last two days have been so bumpy and disorganized I felt really out of sorts and grumpy because the schedule seems to have been tampered with or something. I got irritated and frustrated because I was cleaning the kitchen and Hannah needed help with her homework and in the midst of it Ella was taunting Hannah. After a few minutes I reached a stopping point that I could live with and walked to the living room. I gave Ella a work book and said here is your homework you need to find these shapes and try to write these numbers while I work with Hannah. I read Hannah her book and found the answer to the questions. She dictated how she wanted to answer them and I wrote them neatly on another sheet of paper so she could copy them while I went to the kitchen to finish cleaning and to try to get Ella in bed. At this point I don't care if what I did was not the right way but it was what worked and it was essentially Hannah's work I just wrote out the sentences she said and she rewrote it on the sheet.
With about 16 days, almost 2 weeks, to go I am feeling so much anxiety and nervous energy in me. How different will things actually be now? Will having him home for a few weeks help or hurt the system I may or may not have going? How will it effect the kids? How will it effect me? I mean honestly so much is going to change but so much will stay the same its weird. Having a extra adult body in the house will be really nice we can do a tag team sort of deal while he is here during the week and on weekends there will just be more time to get more things accomplished. On the flip side his being here during the week will only be short lived for now and during breaks and holidays. I don't want to get to comfortable with that and used to another person around either. I fear the kids will get used to it to. Not that I don't want them getting used to Chris that's not it but having him around to help ect. Its all just weird feelings and emotions and sometimes I think I might over analyse things. Guess we will just have to wait and see.
The magic day came and went. For those asking Monday the 19th was the day that if Jason wanted to contest the divorce he could. He had up until I think 5pm yesterday to contest. Now all the ducks are in a row, the T's crossed and the I's dotted. With all this they will go to court I will have to appear answer a few questions and within a few minutes the 2 year wait of being divorced will be final!! Wow all that for a few questions and it to be over. They are just waiting for the transfer from the AG office to them and the ball will get rolling on a court date. I was told it would be on a Friday around 9am. Now how funny would that be if this ended up happening on the day that Chris got home?! I doubt it but still right?
The kids are doing great. Report cards came out and they are super smart just like we knew they where. I am proud of them. Hannah has worked so hard with her tutor and it shows they said. Sean has really stepped it up this year and I am so proud of him. He is doing Boy Scouts and he really seems to like it. I am glad he found a place that he belongs and enjoys. Oh he is selling popcorn if ya want some let me know by Thursday the orders are due Friday. Ella has parent teacher conference next week. I have already heard from her teacher how well she is doing and that she is just a joy to have in class. I am so proud of her.
And here it is the official count down: