Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Wow are these weeks flying by or what?! I look up and realize that Tuesday has come to a close and tomorrow is the middle of the week! Wow I can't believe it. This time last year I was really trying to wrap my head around Chris leaving and wondering how or if this was even would work. He was just now telling me where he would be going and I kept telling myself " A year really wow seems so long and far away!" And now here we are 3 weeks away and all I can say was eh ya that was a cake walk! HA HA that is a joke by the way! But looking at it all in perspective I think that yes it was really hard but we kept great communication and openness despite the distance, the job and of course the time zones! So basically if we can prove to last this long apart being together should be a breeze! But we have both discussed our fears, concerns and our ideals on what we would like and should happen. We both agree while our thoughts of this perfect set up ect are great we both know there will be snags and let downs but we both agree not to let this effect us because honestly after what we have been through there is no excuse. Distance now is just an excuse to not try hard ect. So we have set some realistic expectations and goals and now its just time to follow through with it all.
The girls are completely better by the way and have been since about Friday! I needed the weekend to recuperate from this whole deal! Apparently Tamiful is the end all be all flu cures because let me tell you after a few doses of that stuff they where raring ready to go! Sean's bacterial infection is better and by Sunday was doing so well we went ice skating with his half sister and his step mom. That was a terrific outing! I do have to say getting back into the swing of things for the work/ school week was a bit tough but the girls have been doing great and I am happy. Hannah is working hard to get all caught up and Ella jumped right back into her routine and that is really outstanding. I have (knock on wood) managed to escape the flu! Zinc my friends is a wonderful thing!
Tonight was a fantastic night! The girls helped me prepare dinner and we had a blast in the kitchen. Watching those two try and squeeze limes and lemons was hysterical! I only wish I had taken pictures. It took two of them to squeeze them and they had it going everywhere! They helped put the onions, jalapenos, and tomatoes on the chicken and helped cut up fresh strawberries that they devoured in like 2 minutes! We went and did laundry together and finished up some tough homework. Of course whats an evening of fun without showers correct? I told the girls to get ready for showers that I would finish cleaning up. My phone rang and in the midst of this conversation I hear a crash and a bang followed by a "uh oh mommy is going to be really mad!" I go running to the bathroom thinking they broke the toilet or the cabinet detached from the wall, but no it was the shower curtain! Hannah says " I don't know mom it just kinda fell." Ella cuts her off saying " Hannah don't lie its not ok you where hanging on it and it fell." Hannah knew she was busted but tried to deny it and I said the truth or you lose skating. Of course she confessed and felt bad. I now need a whole new rod since the metal broke off in odd pieces. Lesson she learned for the night was............ shower curtains are not good to swing on, shower rods can not hold your weight and that the shower rod does not make a good dance partner!
I think that's about it. I feel all caught up now. Oh ya the roof....... They called Monday mumbled something about being at my place, I laughed and said good luck getting in I am not home. they mumbled something about being on my roof. I said fix it I don't care just no more water in the living room its not cool! Anyways I will post the count down for the arrival of Chris. I am just giddy with excitement and nervous as hell to.
With 7% left of this deployment left here is the official break down:

See every reason to be super excited!!