Monday, October 26, 2009


I am sitting here finding the best way to write this as its been a while since I last wrote. More often than not when I go a while without posting it usually means either I am super busy and lots going on or well my life has gotten boring and I can't get motivated to write. Tonight I am beyond motivated to write because so much has gone on and I haven't really had time to stop and collect my thoughts to actually sit down and blog.
Right now I am sitting here watching Chris finish packing and cleaning the itty bitty room he has called home for the last year. As of today he will take what he has that was not being shipped and head for a hotel for the next 10 days. He is coming home. I who have always held so much doubt in myself, who hates to be a apart from someone I love, did it. I told Chris today I can pat myself on the back for a job well done I think on my part. His response was..." You just raised the bar on your level of expectations." In other words he will forever hold over my head that, I lasted 1 year with out him only seeing him for a few weeks in that time frame, for a very, very long time. This has given me such an amazing WOW feeling right now that I just can't explain, but those who have been through it will probably be able to catch my drift on this.
Yesterday was an emotional day for me. I sat back and thought about all that I am dealing with and just everything brought tears to my eyes. The ball is rolling fast now with the divorce. There is a 95% chance that by next week I will no longer be a Dimmitt. Yep that's right I could be heading to court the day Chris gets home to have this over and done with. After the deal with Jason I had this past weekend of him calling me spoiled and that I am getting everything and not going to get my way on this, I couldn't be more relieved and happy. Friday was a rough evening for me but I got through it and realized I had big important things to look forward to and think about. Its always good to have a strong support team around you. I have been thankful for this lately. The other reason I was so emotional was the movers came to Chris' dorm room and well whisked his stuff that needed to be shipped away to Texas. With that he also send 7 boxes to me. Well I say me but they are actually going to Myranda's. So ya heads up Myranda look for boxes to come here in a week or so. Scratch that I was informed that there is a possible 8th package now. Myranda I love you thanks for letting him mail stuff to you! As of right now his room is empty. He will leave there in about an hour or so head to a hotel and remain there till he leaves next Thursday. I get butterflies thinking about it.
Last night through instant message and Skype I was fortunate to finally really meet someone who has really been a God send for both myself and Chris. Her name is Adi, and she has been Chris' closest friend since being there. She has been there for him when he had a lot to deal with and also has been there for me to talk to when I needed someone other than Chris to explain things to me and make me feel a bit better about what was going on. I can tell once she hopefully gets here to Texas either by being stationed here or visiting we are going to be great friends. Adi I appreciate all that you have done for Chris while he has been there. You really are an amazing friend and I know that Chris really admires you and thanks you for that. You know that our house is always opened to you night or day! Stay safe and we will see you in February.
Switching gears a bit..... The kids are doing great. This weekend I will be going to a Scouting event with Sean. I am really excited about doing this with him. I know he is also happy to have me go along with him for this. The girls have been keeping me busy and I love it. Hannah is really improving in School and everyone can see it. Ella has parent teacher conference tomorrow so I am excited to see how well she is progressing this year so far. The ice show will be starting up soon and the girls have worked hard and I hope that everyone gets a chance to come see them skate. I will post a blog with all the information on it so that those interested can make it.
What can I say but life is good right now. A few bumps in the road but really its just been smooth sailing. The cards are dwindling down on the count down calendar and the holidays are right at our heals. This is a very exciting time for me right now and I hope it is for the kids. So many wonderful changes about to happen and I know its all for the best. I love the support I get from my family and I appreciate it more than you guys will ever know. I love all of you dearly.
Well Chris is about to leave so I will wrap this up with my ever famous display of the count down. Good night everyone!
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