Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little bit of Chicken Fried...

Ya odd title for this blog but its been in my head all day and the girls love belting out the words when I play the song on my computer so I went with it! Nothing like having your kids sing about having a cold beer on a Friday night! Apparently the teachers think its a hit too ha ha! Most everyone has seen the count down calendar the kids made and per the removal of 2 squares now we are at 22 days! The days are just flying by. This time last year I was preparing myself for his leaving now I am preparing myself for his arrival. In honor of that I have got the kids getting their stuff organized and prepared for the big move and I have started sleeping back on my side of the bed again. Both of things require a decent amount of work I must say. I have, in my mind, started making plans of how I want the kids room to look now. Ella has picked where she wants her bed to go and we have decided where the bulk toys will go ect. Making plans like this helps me really start to get on the ball and get things going. I love that feeling makes me motivated now I just need to stay motivated.
Speaking of motivated I think the people who manage the property I work for are finally getting the hint that the place I reside is well falling apart! I was told on Sunday afternoon that my entire front porch, beams, boards, railings and all will be replaced. The catch to that is I have to be out of my house for 2 days. So I tossed around a few ideas and finally asked the guys if I could do the following wait till Chris gets home that Friday and since we will be gone that weekend they could have the whole weekend to work on it. They sounded ok with that but the downside is I have to take all my crap to work with me that day and pray I have it all its either that or stay at Jason's house for 2 days and well I am not up for that its just to tense and uncomfortable for me and I am sure he would find a way to hold it over me or use it against me. So this is hopefully the option that will work for us. The roofer was suppose to come by this week but haven't heard from him since Saturday. I can't locate his number and I am a hoping that maybe this man will surface this weekend and this too shall be fixed as promised!
I will know more as of Monday if Jason has decided to contest the divorce or not. If he has not it will go to court Monday and stand as it is. I am hoping for the sake of well just making life easy and knowing I am not out to get the kids from him or take his money that he will just go with it and know that this is just in the best interest for all of us. Yes I know I do not have a car but we are hoping that will change really soon. Trust me I do not like this arrangement more than the next person so I am desperate on fixing the situation. I am ready to spread my wings and have the freedom to go places and commit to things that I have been unable to such as babysitting, visiting friends and family, outings for the heck of it and of course the outing to get the essentials. How funny 15 years ago I dreamed of having my own vehicle and now here I am 15 years later in the same damn boat! I know that it will all be over soon. This new life is sounding more and more exciting every day. I am ready to give it a shot and see how well this goes. Like everyone says its my turn I deserve to be happy. So I am going to do it!
Well that's about it. I am sure I will start writing more here soon since its getting closer and so much will be running through my mind. Chris has a week left of work and on the 26th will be moving from his dorm and will not have a phone or Internet. That will really suck. So that will leave me to go mad until he gets home. He also has a follow up doctors appointment about his kidneys too the week before he leaves. I hope that things are all back to normal for him. That was quiet the ordeal we went through and I hope its all behind us now. And with that I will post the official count down because I am a dork like that and as excited as a kid waiting for Christmas!!