Saturday, May 5, 2012

A good time

Lately in our house having a good time can often come at a price. We know that if we want to or I want to go out there is a cute little man about waist high that might not share in our good time. Last night though with a little tag teaming effort it wasn't so bad. Learning a few tips and tricks makes going out a bit more bearable!
I could have not been more thrilled that it was Friday yesterday. This week has really been trying. So when they said I could leave an hour early I didn't bat an eye I gathered up my stuff and H and we made a bee line for the door! Thursday was a horrible day for him so to I figure this could be sort of like making it up to him. Thursday left me in tears and down right angry. Not angry at anyone in particular but just angry. By the time I picked him up he had attempted, and achieved biting not only on his peers but himself. After a 30 minute impromptu meeting with one of the trainers, a 20 minute fit and a plastic bag we where good to go. 
This plastic bag must contain some sort of magical powers because once his trains were placed in it, it was like a whole new day for him. The trainer handed him this plastic Walmart bag he placed his trains in it loaded it up on his arm and out of the building we went. That magical bag helped us take a trip to the grocery store! He clung to it talked to it and took his trains in and out of it. It wasn't until I was paying that he noticed what was going on. Unfortunately we had the sweetest bag boy who was only doing his job and H refused to let him do it. This boy was special needs and was doing what he was trained to do, put the shopping bags back in the shopping cart. I suppose he never really sees anyone bring in a plastic bag so it threw the kid off a bit when he saw H clinging to this bag. There was some confusion, a bit of shrieking ( From H) and a near bit on this poor kids hand. I explained it was his and that his toys where in there all seemed ok until we got to the door and the kid pawned us off on the other bag boy coming in. Guess he had, had just about enough of us!
Anyways back to Friday. We came home and decided to give running errands a try with two parents as opposed to one. The BX was rather uneventful we where in and out because they didn't have what we needed but thank you to the man that was vacuuming I was able to pick out two outfits for him and a pair of PJ's with out him wanting to take everything off the rack. We made a couple of more stops each one lasting a little bit longer. We stopped at a shoe store because Chris needs new running shoes it was rather uneventful till we came across some boys who parents left them at the basketball hoop while the shopped and while I would do the same thing I just sort of cringed. One boy about his age had these two guns. I saw H's eyes light up and I kept a good eye. The boy sweetly offered up one of the guns to H and he took it. The little boy suddenly bolted off and so did another boy who appeared to be slightly older and then of course H joined in. OY! The ran around a couple of shelves thankfully near the back of the store where no one was but I could see that look in H's eyes that this was going to go south quick! The guns got dropped they tried to climb this basketball game and then it happened. The owner of these toy guns made the attempt to pick up his guns at the same time H was making a grab for the one he was playing with. I suddenly envisioned shrieking, screaming and of course pinching or biting. I sort of squinted my eyes for a second and  slowly peeked only to see that H had handed the gun back to the boy who was now happily walking back to his mom. I just sort of smiled. Biting his friends at school I can handle biting a perfect stranger in public not sure I was ready for that one. We of course praised him and left the store. 
Chris and I at some point decided that him toting this plastic bag with him all over was going to get old so we had been on the search for a cut kid size back pack that would not be so big he could fit in it but not so small that not everything would hold. Finally Walmart came to the rescue and we found him a back pack to hold all his trains and his favorite book. He is in love with it. It has Cars on it so all we hear now is Ca, Ca Ca, Ca! He handled Walmart pretty well we took his cues of getting antsy, grabbing at the belt and his back arching as its time to go home. Having an extra set of hands to help made it easy. I ended the evening smiling. It was this smile that I knew my body had not felt in a while and it just made me feel good. 
I do have some updates. ECI has still not been in touch with us. I am following up again with them on Monday. West Texas Rehab can not see H until June 25th so we have a ways for that. There was a lady on FB who read our blog who is in Abilene that specializes in PDD-NOS and Sensory issues so I am going to give her a call today and see what we can work out. Sadly her company does not take our ins so we will see about starting some sessions up with her until we can be seen by WTRH and ECI. We are on the fence about using a  FCC provider (Family Child Care) as opposed to the CDC.  We know small groups and minimal transitions is what he needs but there are other factors that leave us hesitant on using one. I am making that call on Monday as well to see what special arrangement's can be made etc. We are also trying out something the trainers think might be helpful and that is a weighted stuffed animal that goes on his body. IT usually is placed on their shoulders or back but he likes it on his stomach when he is laying in bed. We are slowly integrating it in to our tips and tricks so we shall see if this works. 
Of course I must share news about my other kiddos! Sean is going to be in a musical at his school. He seems pretty excited about it and we are thrilled to see him finally passionate about something. I wish I could be there to see him perform but I am pretty sure I can count on Myranda for some pictures and video! Hannah's cast is coming off Monday! Thank goodness it will be off in time for her party in a few weeks. Ella completed testing at school this week and is ready for the summer. Heck they all are as am I! I am so excited to have them come out here. 
 We just had to have the PJ's with cars and trucks on them!
He is very proud of his new bag!