Sunday, May 6, 2012

Do's and Don'ts

Last night wasn't so bad. Not exactly how I pictured the evening to take place but then again when does that ever happen? It wasn't so bad of course we did end up leaving before dinner was served but it's ok we still had a good time.
Do make sure you are fully aware of the type of party you will be attending and make sure to dress accordingly
Don't wear a skirt and tank top when going to a large field to shoot guns

Do make sure you have the proper ear protection
Don't count on H wearing it!

Do be prepared to sit in the truck while everyone enjoys shooting stuff
Don't blame H for not wanting to wear protection, can you blame him!

Do make sure the car is on so that air can properly circulate
Don't answer your phone while your child is sitting in the driver seat. He might just try to put the car in drive!

Do encourage your child to play and mingle even with the 4 legged friends
Don't let him chase and corner the poor 4 legged friend

Do take time to enjoy the big outdoor fire pit
Don't however do that with H he does not share our same enthusiasm for it

And of course last but certainly not least
 Do take H's cues and follow his lead
Don't let the comments and looks from others get you down

It was a good night. I met TJ, the Navy recruiter that has been helping Chris become military again. Today I have a ton to accomplish and some of it won't be easy. Every day things seem to be taking a different direction for our family so each day we do what we can to adjust accordingly. We just ask that everyone keep us in your thoughts as we embark on some of these events. Some of this has to do with H and some of this has to do with our family in general.

An update from yesterday. I spoke with the lady who is a behavioral therapist. It was a remarkable 45 min conversation about what is going on. She sadly does not take Tricare but does do private pay. Sadly private pay is 75.00 and hour. She is helping me find some grants, she is contacting another behavioral therapist that just got certified to see if she will be taking our ins. She has given some great advice and has agreed that if nothing pans out for now she will take us on until WTRH or ECI can help us. She agrees with me on the FCC provider and probably not a good option for H because even if ratios are smaller there is a huge age range in children and he might not do well with really little ones with his aggression. We also think having only one teacher as opposed to two will make it harder to catch him when he needs some help etc. I am glad she came in contact with us because she seems like such an awesome caring lady. Maybe soon we will have Tricare back and this won't be an issue. 
H has really taken to his safe place. He retreats there when he just needs some down time

The weighted dolphin. It really has started helping calming him at bed time and keeps him from tossing about.