Saturday, May 12, 2012

3-in-1, lots to talk about

Since Wednesday I have been meaning to update but between 3 finals, work, ECI and a sick kiddo that has been sort of on the back burner. So pardon the long post as it will cover things that have gone on the last few days!

Not to much to actually report. H had a great day at school! No bites, no attempts just an over all really good day. It gave me some hope actually that maybe this phase of aggression was coming to an end. Since I had exams and he was having such a great day I was going to leave him at school so I could go home and review for my exams.
I got a call from a friend in need of some help with her home day care so I agreed to help but this of course meant needing to bring H with me. I figured hey he is having such a great day maybe I have nothing to worry about right?!
I got to my friends house got things settled and H seems to be having fun with the other children. I started to think maybe the smaller group setting is just what he needed. He wasn't clinging to me he was playing with the toys, sitting with the kids eating snack and just having a good time. I thought I was in the clear actually all had gone so well. Then of course one of my biggest fears lately happened. I was talking to my friend who had just come home and we heard one of the little girls start to cry. We stopped looked up and she was saying bite, bite bite. Dang! H had bitten her and bitten her hard!! I was so upset I was mortified! Its one thing to bite a kid in his class ( yes I know its not ok at all but it happens) but it was quiet another to bite a perfect stranger! She assured me it would be ok but I still felt horrible.
I had my final exams and I knew I was not as prepared as I could have been. I really busted my butt but in my Culture class I made a 66 on the exam. I was honestly devastated but I ended up with a B in the class for the entire semester! I made a 86 ( awaiting to see if there was a curve) on my Guidance exam and still awaiting my grade for School age. I am just hoping to have B's if not at least one A over all in one of the classes! School is out until the fall and I get brave enough to take 12 hours in the fall.

The big day we had been waiting for.  H had a rough day. He bit outside which he never does. Usually when he is outside he doesn't bother anyone and does his own thing. I like to spy on him when I am on break and sadly witnessed him bit a child for no reason. It broke my heart. The teacher told me that was the 5th one! That day he ended up biting 7 times. He also only took a 40 min nap which is highly unusual for him!
ECI was at 3pm and it went well. it lasted about 2 hours and we learned a lot. H is super smart, I know he is smart, but I mean much smarter than I give him credit for! But given what we discussed and they observed we qualify for the services. He is delayed in each area, which I was surprised by, but at the same time makes sense. We will meet again next week to set up a plan of action for H, start the process of getting him on medicaid, and figuring out where on the spectrum he falls on.
All the services will be free. We are excited to have a team that seems really helpful and very into our son.  They have started the transition paper work for the school system also. At the age of 2 they do this because after the age of 3 the children no longer qualify and will get assistance through the school district. They will also be working with our pediatrician, ENT, Pulminologist, WTRH, and the teachers and trainers at the CDC. Having everyone on the same page will be a huge help.
When I came home that evening I had a wonderful surprise on my front porch. IT was a raspberry cheesecake! One of my friends had made it from scratch, left a card asking if we would like him to prepare a meal for Mother's Day! He is a fantastic cook so I told Chris we have dinner covered on Sunday! It really made my day. I also got a wonderful card from Sean, and flowers (Tulips) from the girls. It was the much needed smile I needed for the day.
I think Chris and I are peace with what they told us today. We are getting answers that we need and the help H needs. It is frustrating at the same time but we will figure it out. I know boys are active and are generally more of a handful. I assume some think I have blown his problems out of proportion, or maybe I have let my knowledge of being a teacher get the better of me. I wouldn't be anything I would wish on anyone who has children. I honestly never thought of myself as a parent or a person who could handle a child who was not typical. When the 4 ladies at ECI, who had observed him, told me he needed help it was a rush of mixed emotions. I wanted to be wrong and think I was just some crazy over worried parent.
I should not care or let people get to me. I should not care that they think my kid is a spoiled brat when he is throwing a fit in public. I shouldn't get irritated when people tell me that a good ole fashion spanking will make him stop. I shouldn't let it get to me that some people just do not get it and while, what is wrong with him is not obvious and something you notice upon meeting him, that people just might not understand. This is something I am going to work real hard on.

Poor H! It was a rough day for him. He woke up covered in blood and really having a hard time breathing. Since I work at 6am I had no idea anything was wrong when I left. I got a call around 7:45 at work stating something was wrong with him from Chris and that he was going to bring him to me to see what was going on. Around 8 Chris showed up with a very miserable, very unhappy baby. Thankfully the trainer saw how bad off he looked and agreed to let me leave to take him to be seen.
In the matter of two hours he needed two breathing treatments and his inhaler. He has been doing so well but with his sinus infection he had I had a feeling he was bound for illness. He has an infection in his lungs we found out and will be on meds for about 10 days. We also switched his asthma meds to something more affordable.
H was on another naptime standoff yesterday! 40 minutes!!! He normally will last at least 2 hours but today just like the day before he only slept 40 minutes. I am hoping this is not a new trend for us. About 6pm yesterday when we all went out to go pick up meds and run to the other side of town he crashed out in the car for about an hour. Go figure right!
It was so nice to have a unplanned family day. I was suppose to go back to work but since so many kids where out that day I got to stay home with my family. We had lunch together, we all napped and cleaned the house. It sure was nice to spend time together.  Our neighbor, Joe, took care of dinner for us last night which was a nice surprise also!

This weekend should be pretty fun. We have a few things planned that hopefully we will be able to enjoy. I am sure I will update again before the weekend is over!