Friday, September 11, 2009

This and that.....

Well its Friday night and I normally don't do my blogging because its my time with my son but he is so engrossed in this movie he is watching I figured why not. And its been one of those weeks so again why not.
Well some of you might know that every year Hannah has participated in the Dallas Galleria Tree Lighting Show. This year is no different she will be doing it once again right after Thanksgiving up until the week before Christmas ever Saturday with her drill team. She is super excited and I think I am to ha ha. This does mean we are officially about to hit the holiday season and that before we know it the holidays will be here! Wow who knew listening to Christmas music in September could inspire such though right?! Well last night we got some even better news. Ella Grace was asked to join the show this year. You might be asking well why didn't I put her in the show in the first place then. Well normally there is a policy that a child must be 5 years of age and at a certain level. Ella exceeds the level but is not 5. So I never bother asking about Ella because it seems pointless. But last night the owner of the rink approached Jason and I and gave us the "hush hush invite" She said Ella is mature, experienced and can handle this type of situation. I was floored and thrilled. Of course Ella was all about this and can't wait to begin her practicing. I hope everyone can make it out to see the shows this year it should be exciting.
Over the course of the last few weeks most of my friends had their men coming home from deployment. I am so happy for all of them. A year plus without your mate is very difficult I have come to learn. And most of my friends have young children to so to all of them my hats off for a year well done you survived and life will go back to normal. I am trying to keep my enthusiasm up ect but deep down I am jealous and frustrated I want that to be me. I know how childish right. I should be happy for all my friends who have their family reunited and regaining a normal life. I want the best for all of them so please do not take this the wrong way. And today I let it get to me. Hearing stories from friends and all and all the mean while Chris might be stuck there a little longer due to all this Kidney stuff. So I just get really down and upset about it all. Actually I feel I have developed a bit of anxiety lately with all this. I haven't made things any easier for Chris and I feel horrible. I hear this is all normal so I will try and be a more normal sane fiance but it will take work haha.
A busy weekend ahead. Lots of skating. The girls compete in Arlington next weekend the last one of the season. Then ice show work. The girls have been working very hard and I am very proud of them. They had a great week. Hannah will be working with a tutor on Tuesdays to build up reading skills and that has made a world of difference in her behavior already. They had a great week at home and have shown lots of growth and maturity. They have done things this week that have brought tears to my eyes and made me feel proud to be their mom. I only wish I would have had the camera on hand to capture these moments. I love how my girls are just growing up and starting to spread their wings and learn how to fly. I am proud of them and all they are accomplishing. So while I am smiling about this I think I will end this blog for the night. Maybe I will write more this weekend. Night!