Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to "normal"......

Yep that's right my life finally headed to some sort of normal on Friday. My director Melanie helped get my check cashed so I at least had money for the time being. I took a chance and called BOA, spoke with a wonderful man named Drew who helped me get a temp card to get my life back up and running. I am was so excited. I was so thrilled I even managed to make it back to the school with 30 min left on my break and pay 3 bills!! I have never been so excited to pay a few bills! Life was really really good!!!
The evening took a few slight turns but it wasn't all bad. I did find out Sean got in some trouble at school. His dad and step mom handled it and filled me in. The punishment though was a week worth of grounding and that meant no TV, video games, electronics, ect. We had a good talk about what happened and how to prevent it in the future. He and I really had a great time talking and he really seemed to like the ways I came up with to keep him from losing his cool. I love my son and he feels so bad for what he did. I know it won't happen again. We also had just a good mom son talk too. My son is so brilliant and amazing. He came to me and asked about Chris. He wanted to know what our plans where, if we where going to get married, if Chris wanted to spend time with him and his sisters, if he loved them, does he love me, can he spend time getting to know all about Chris and vise versa, just so many wonderful well thought out questions. I answered all of them the best I could. I told him that Chris loves me and them and can't wait to spend more time getting to know them so much better, spend more time with them and be able to do things for and with them. He said he really wants to know all about Chris and what he does, what he likes and dislikes. He said this would help him so that he wouldn't get on his nerves or upset him. I honestly think this conversation went on for a few hours while we did some house work and got the stuff ready for the competition the next day. I can honestly say this was one of the best conversations I have had with my son in a while. I enjoyed it so much.
Hannah and Ella competed this weekend and if you are on Facebook you have seen the oodles and oodles of pictures. They did so awesome as always. There was a slight difference though and one that was very tragic. On Saturday the girls skating coach was hurt. She is a 73 yr old lady who acts like she is 33! She loves the girls like they where her own grandchildren. But Saturday she fell while coaching and broke her Femur. She had surgery on Sunday at 11am and had a rod and 6 screws put in. But despite all that distraction the girls skated awesome! Ella got 1st place and Hannah got 2nd place in her spotlight and 1st place on her synchro skating team. They beat a team that they lose to every year! We where the happiest parents of the happiest little skaters!
This weekend has pretty much ended on a high note. We love high notes in this house. The kids got to bed about an hour and a half ago. The girls got hair cuts today and they look so great. I think I had about 3 or 4 inches chopped off. The kids got along for the most part today and though Sean was bored out of his mind at the rink was super supportive of his sisters. So here is our count down as you can see we are getting so close to the end!!!