Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh what ever!

Well I didn't know if I would end up writing tonight but well here I am. This weekend turned out to be a bit more amusing and well eventful than I had planned. Never a dull moment I would say, right? Well with out further adue welcome to my fun filled weekend!
Saturday was pretty quiet I guess until it was time to head out to the rink. The girls compete next weekend and they must have "big ice" practice in order to be prepared. This was about a 3 hour ordeal. I of course was needed out on the ice to help get the girls placed ect. which is what I sort of expected. After an hour and a half of pure appendage freezing fun I took a break to head to Sonic for a nice pre 6 year old party snack. I ordered onion rings and a large cherry lime aide. I waited ever so patiently and what do I get a large package of burnt to a crisp onion rings and cherry lime aide that taste like seltzer water! I march back over request replacement items. after about 10 min I get those replacement items head back to the rink get settled to watch Hannah's practice and eat my yummy snack. These where cold saltless not so yummy snacks and my lime aide still tasted like crap! Maybe I shouldn't have been so darn upset when the whole thing fell off the bleachers to the ground. Oy Vey! Hannah's practice was great time to now head to a 6 year olds sleep over! Ouch.
Yes I said ouch. I along with the kids, Jason and his brother Joe (w are all mutual friends well I say friends lightly here not really but well you get the picture) walk in to a noise fest 2009! There might have only been 5 girls but oh my did it sound like 50! Sean jumped right in and Hannah, Ella and I booked it to the kitchen for some quiet and pizza. Hannah's friend Emily showed up and the girls clung on and decided they where partners the whole night and would not be like the hooligans! After a few hours I realized they are not having fun we packed up and headed home. Ella was over stimulated, Hannah was overwhelmed and Sean was overly out of control! We thanked the mom and bolted to the car. Jason and Joe where thankful that I said lets leave!!!! Heading home the kids crashed but little did I know my evening was just about to begin!
Sean and I are on the couch its around 9 or 10pm he is watching TV and Chris has called to check in say hi and talk. All is going well and I check my email around 11pm. I figured I would see if there was any drill team updates or responses from earlier emails sent out. I notice Bank of America has sent me a notice. I was thinking to myself "interesting I just got one yesterday stating my balance surely this has not changed that much since the?" I open it up and its a security alert there has been fraudulent activity on my debit card! I actually was calm and though maybe that DAP book I bought for work triggered something but I opened up my account and I thought my eyes might fly outta my head! 65 dollars over drawn?! What the heck something is not right. Suddenly I am seeing 40.00 charges for something I have never seen. There where 3 of these charges to be exact I was floored!!! 120.00 worth of pornography was purchased with my visa card! I could not believe it. I was panicking on the phone with Chris he told me to call the bank. After an hour of fumbling around with them I had my account blocked the story told a dozen times about what had happened, how I needed that money back its my grocery money and I am out of food! They said if there was a way to get money put in my account (Chris) and possibly plead my case with the fraud dept that they would remove the hold allow me to gain my available funds close the card off and have a new one reissued. FANTASTIC! I think around 1am this all settled down and I had made plans to retrieve my 100 bucks from my account but had to also call the fraud dept the following day and a few others to get this taken care of in a timely manner. I was exhausted!!
Sunday was calmish ha ha. Made my phone calls and had it all taken care of. We leave for the rink around 2pm and I would grab my money then! PHEW!!! Since I did nothing all day that worked up a Sonic appetite and I decided to forgive them for bad food yesterday and eat there today again. The girls skated and I decided I would make a nice dinner for the 4 of us tonight. We got home and Ella assisted me with potato peeling and cutting and chicken marinading! She was proud of herself. She decided that pancakes where more her deal for the night so instead of our yummy meal she had that instead. We ate and the kids loved it. I love it when they scarf down my meals! After dinner the kids where in a great mood. Chris called to check in and to say good night to the kids. He loves to do this but more often than not is so tied up at work he can't. The kids gladly take his calls when they get them. Ella rattled off her Christmas list but I don't think Chris actually understood this. Baby When you call tonight you will just love it just know it involves the American Girl Store! I can really tell now that he has taken to them and really wants to be apart of their lives. It is a joy and a relief he really wants to be their step dad. He wants to take care of us and love us as a family. I have found the most amazing man. I am so lucky so blessed and so thankful. I do not know if he will never know what he means to me.
So now my shows are on my kids where in bed by 8pm! I am in heaven. My kids are just really taking to a new schedule and it makes me so happy. I am happy with life right now. Yes though fought and picked on each other heading to bed and I did slightly loose my temper but I guess it could have been worse. Well night guys time for Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva!