Friday, July 31, 2009

The results are in!!!

So as must of you know this has not been a good week for me. I have been battling illness and lots of stress. Then I had Hannah who was sick also for about 12hrs and I was super worried that she was not going to get better anytime soon. So after some relaxing and being forced to a doctor by not only my boss but coworkers, my future mother in law and of course my wonderful fiance I did it and went to the doc. After going to the CVS minute clinic ( not to bad actually) The doc there said well you have Acute Bronchitis and a Sinus infection. He next question was so what do you do for work? I said um I work with lots of kids all day long 5 days a week. He asked a rather stupid question but he said well are they sick? Hello they are kids one of them is bound to be ill!! He was like well it appears you have had this for a while. Gee thanks sir I was not aware of that! He said to make sure I stay away from sick kids. I said how do you figure that works. He said keep them at home. Again easier said than done! But I got my inhaler refilled (my O2 level was at 96) and antibiotics. I was told not to take over the counter decongestants as my BP was elevated. Excuse me what?! Ya at 30 years old I have elevated BP it was 155 over 90 something. Wow not good at all. I guess my age is now showing!! But the meds are working I just wish the hearing in my left ear would come back! Its either this sinus infection or again my age is showing and I have developed crazy hearing loss! Some people are having to much fun with this!!
So on to the big big news. Well I seem to think it is. Most of you received an email from me tonight so you may already know. I wanted to put it in my blog and make the announcement that way but when Chris sent me the email I couldn't resist because it was so cute! So I decided what the heck I will send a mass email and of course blog about it!!
So tonight Chris is at work (well ok afternoon there!) he was bored ordering parts he needed for work we just talked and there was a slight lul in the conversation! We where talking about things that happened today and stuff about Sean and then more silence. He apparently is not a multi tasker!!!! So he finally said oh I got my assignment. I was like oh nice ok sounds good. I said woohoo Oklahoma here we come ( please not total sarcasm!). He said nooooooooo guess again I said oh Shreveport I guess that's not to bad. He said noooooooo. I said where he said Hawaii!! I said shut up! Where are we going!? He said DYESS!!!! I was silent for a second and it registered with me Abilene!!!!! YES!! This is what we wanted this is what he was hoping for so to get this is super awesome exciting. So yes eventually means leaving but not for a while so dry your tears folks! But I am excited he is excited. Heck Sean is excited. This is a wild ride but man does it really have so high points! This is for sure one of them. Now he schedules his flight back and we go from there. He will start house hunting and I will along with his family help. Oh ya did I mention his family is more than likely coming here also!? Its actually not a bad deal. So the count down is now around 94 days almost 75% completed with 25% left! Ahhh I am seeing an end in sight!!