Monday, July 27, 2009

A little reflection a little thinking...

I so meant to blog last night and the day just got away from me. Not that I did anything terribly exciting but I did spend my day once Sean left watching some Lifetime movies and also doing some online training for work. I probably should have been cleaning and doing laundry but it felt so nice to lay on the couch for most of my day in my jammies and do NOTHING!!!
So this was by far one of my more interesting weekends. I think the excitement of Chris coming home is really starting to hit home here. We are now down to the double digit count down ( my count down clock is wrong oops!) We are at around 90 some odd days till he is back home here with us! Wow I can recall being 90 some odd days in going this sucks and well I hate it this and I swear its never going to end. I am still not loving it but I know really soon he is going to be here. And with that I have started my "honey do list!!" He is well aware of it and I gave him a good run down of what to expect last night. I suddenly feel that maybe he will develop weekend plans and ask to be stationed way far up north lol! Oh he loves this and he knows it haha!
Also this weekend was a time for us to actually talk like really talk like normal couples get to do when they are face to face and get the opportunity to do so. I was excited to have this talk because I felt a little more let into his life and him into mine. I felt even closer to him after this talk. I compare it to one of those sit on the end of the beds all hours of the night till the sun comes up kind of talks. Those to me are the best and my favorite. I think we both know how to really make us work and we both promise to do a better job of talking.
A down side to this weekend was I did something I really feel horrible about and I feel so extremely guilty. My best friend Lauren who runs Cotton Candy Shop ( was holding a photo shoot this weekend at the Ft. Worth Stockyards. My girls where scheduled to be in the shoot. About 12 hrs before this shoot that they where suppose to be in all my plans and transportation methods had vanished and fell apart. I was unable to make it there and I know she was upset with me and I was upset with myself. I have never let someone down like that and I felt sick and miserable. I know that her shoot went off with out a hitch I am sure and all the children there looked great but I am her best friend and biggest supporter and I felt like I let her down. I figured out a way to make it work and I hope this some how shows how truly sorry I am for what happened.
Saturday's are now officially game night in this house. Sean and I have a blast and stay up late now playing Battleship, Life and of course Yahtzee. Sean and I had so much fun playing Life but this time Chris was sleeping or working so he was unable to join us hopefully next time. I know how much he loves to hear us go nuts and get competitive!! I think we will go buy Uno Attack this weekend and have a all out war lol! I know Chris will love that.
I thought a lot about what things will be like in just a few short months. I have adjusted to life on my own and doing all the cooking, and cleaning ect and I did that to before he left but its weird to think that soon my weekends will be so amazingly different, vacations, holidays ect. I honestly didn't think I would feel like this again but I am glad I found him and I am glad I do. We compliment one another perfectly and know what each other is thinking and can finish one another sentences and thoughts. That to me is the sign of a wonderful thriving relationship. I hope we stay on that path. I look forward to this new life with someone new and amazing to share all these wonderful things with. I just hope he is excited as I am.