Sunday, July 19, 2009

(insert creative title here!)

I have no idea what to call this posting tonight I did have an idea as in inside joke with my son's step mom about what her daughter said but then I figured it would offend someone not that it was bad or anything but you never know. But to hear this little 3 year old talk about pink farts was hysterical! Having my son explain to her how you can't see colored farts was even better! Ahh out of the mouths of babes! Anyways I don't approve of the word fart I prefer toot but hey I am not one to misquote a child!!

This weekend was good and blah. As always on Friday night Sean comes over we hung out watch the Sponge Bob Marathon. I think I should get some sort of award for sitting through that! While he got cleaned up I got some stuff done and then we decided to play Yahtzee again though this time Chris didn't join us because he was sleeping! Oh well he didn't miss much. Once Sean realized he was not playing as well as last time he got mad and decided to go to bed. I tried to give him the good sportsmanship talk but ya that was falling on deaf ears at the time. About an hour later he wonders back out to the living room apologizes watches a couple of TV shows with me while I make plans for the following day and then heads to bed. A couple of the girls I work with where trying to make plans to go shopping for Saturday it was a matter of organizing everyone busy schedules to make it work. The final plan Saturday 10am the Galleria for breakfast and shopping! I was excited!!

Saturday was a blast. Me and the girls met had a wonderful breakfast and then headed off to do shopping. I was able to find several uniforms for Hannah for school and even a cute outfit. I think all three of us made some great purchases and a few hours later we called it a day. I headed home to get Sean ready for his friends sleepover and looked to make plans for the rest of my evening. Ugh this is where it turns BLAH! After all my plans for the evening fell through I decided that I should finish getting the items I needed for Hannah for school I went to Target got what I needed and decided a 500 piece country main street puzzle was the cure for boredom! WRONG!! Two stinking hours into this puzzle and only the border done I said forget it. A long time friend of mine suggested having a few drinks to help me with it! Alas no such luck in my house so I called it a night and at that time Chris woke up and we talked. This week starts their exercise and so the schedule changes and its a bit different then normal weeks. He had to leave at 2:30am my time so I did what any normal person would do right I talked to him and was up till 2:30am!! HAHA. Well I figured I had nothing else to do I had laid around all day so yep I would talk to him and then do something else I never do sleep in the next day! Or so I thought I would!

I fell asleep on the couch and I don't normally do that but I woke up around 4am to the TV still on and a horrible infomercial. I moved into the bedroom looked down to see some new emails I figured why not I will see if Chris emailed me from work. Sure enough there was one! Yippy. I read it and it was a bit of news I was not really expecting. Apparently now there is a chance he might not go to Dyess in Abilene. There is one slot left there. There is also one slot left in Shreveport at Barksdale. I of course get a bit upset and frustrated I asked what the other option was. Tinker in Oklahoma. Topher and I now refer to it as Tinkerbell because its the first thought that came to our heads. But Tinker is 4.5 hours away and its not horrible but its not what either one of us had expected. I was starting to get used to the idea of Abilene and Kara was helping me with that also. She used to live near there and keeps telling what a wonderful area it is and how much we will love it if we end up there. Nanner (Chris' mom) sent me some stuff about Dyess and I was starting to actually get excited about all of it. I hate having to switch gears so quickly and have to change plans. But apparently this is one of those kinda lifestyles where this happens frequently. I will learn to adjust I kinda have to now!

The rest of the day wasn't bad. Around 3 Sean's step mom and his dad picked me up with their two kids and we headed to the Science Museum for the rest of the afternoon. I was excited because I have not been there in years. David and Sean did the Imax and Myranda and I took the two little ones to walk around. The kid area was a blast and we searched for dinosaur bones it was a great afternoon. Sean really loves it when we all spend time together and do things because he loves us and knows that we are all friends and get along. We even went dinner together Myranda's kids crack me up especially Emily! We ate and headed home where the "fart" conversation came up! I was trying hard not to laugh but she is to funny.

So here it is 7pm the girls just came home from their dads and so I must change gears and get back into the routine for the week. Laundry is sort of done, I must do dishes from the weekend, The house is a bit messy,lunches and apparently the girls need to be fed and bathed. After that I hope to settled in for my shows. Everyone knows I do not miss Army Wives!!!

I did a lot of thinking this weekend. I realize the only one I need to please is me. That no matter how hard I try not everyone will like me and I need to accept that. I also know that everything in life happens for a reason and while you might not see it at the time somewhere somehow later on you realize its purpose. I also know that 15 weeks is not that far and that no matter where Chris ends up we will make it work and we will be happy. Everything in life requires time and effort and you get out of it what you put into it. I use these things daily now to get by. I think if I keep telling myself these things I will be a happier person who can see things for what they are. So with that I am ending this for the evening. I had to retype most of this since my computer crashed and I still have two dirty girls who are fighting and need their bathes!! Enjoy your night!