Sunday, July 12, 2009

Changes and other things....

So its been a while since I wrote. And if you follow my blog you might have seen some changes made. I have decided that now being engaged and my divorce is done that while on paper I am still Dimmitt I am not really one anymore. So I changed the title to fit my new life and oh what a life it is. I actually can thank my future mother in law for the title. Yesterday her, Chris and myself where talking on the computer and I think the phone and I decided that the title needed a change. She said oh what a life and I said oh ya so fitting. So thank you Nanners for that.
So let see to catch everyone up Ella had a nasty case of strep. I feel horrible because the things she told me and symptoms she had led me to believe it was a UTI so telling the doc that he said ya sounds bout right we will call in an antibiotics and she should be good to go. Well he never did and Ella go worse much worse. Nothing sucks more than having a sick child on a holiday weekend. Saturday night when her fever reached 103 I said enough is enough and we made the fun trip to Med City where once we arrived the waiting room filled up quick. She was seen quickly and after a simple test they confirmed that it was strep! A shot of Benicillin ( ok two because the syringe broke the first time while they injected), a Popsicle and tiger she was set and ready to head home. By the following Thursday she was back to normal.
Ahhh Thursday as most of you know Hannah turned 7 and had her party at Build a Bear. Ok people let me just say do this with 10 kids or less and this is not a good party place to do a shared party. It was chaotic and a disaster. Though she and her friends had a great time I won't be doing that again. Lesson learned. There are some great pictures on my Facebook page if you are on there.
Today Ella was in a photo shoot for my friend Lauren. She has this wonderful boutique Cotton Candy Shop. She is so extremely talented. So Thursday night she sent me a message asking if I could bail her out in a photo shoot Sunday. The catch my daughter would be wearing a Texas A&M tutu. Now most of you realize that I am a UT person my sister went to UT and I have always just loved the school and I plan on going to UTD here soon. So this was like going against all my beliefs!!! Chris loved it he was so excited about it and gave me such a hard time. I swear when I made the hair bow for Ella to wear for the shoot today my fingers where burning!! But if you again go look at my Facebook page you will see the great pictures I took. The professional ones will be here in a few weeks. Ella and Emily (Sean's half sister) looked awesome and cute. They had a great time despite the heat.
I can't leave out Sean! We went to Target last night and with his gift cards he got for his birthday he got a few games. Life and Yahtzee. Those who have known me since I was a kid remembers that Yahtzee in our house was a tradition. We got super competitive and always played. So this weekend I exposed my son to it. Ok folks I created a monster!!! He got 7 yes count them 7 Yahtzee's in one game. I decided that instead of tallying up the score I just said you win hands down cant compete. Chris was on speaker phone and we had our cameras on so he heard and saw the whole game. The boys ganged up on me and gave me a hard time. It was the closest thing to having a fun game night all together. I had a blast and I think every Saturday night Sean, myself and Chris will do this. Its kind of a unique bonding experience. I think both of the boys had a great time. It made me so happy.
Speaking of Chris we are at about 16 weeks and counting. Work is tough from what I have heard and he is growing frustrated. Well I feel his pain. We all just want him to come home so we can all get reacquainted and pick up where we all left off. I know times are tough for him right now and I haven't been the easiest to deal with lately but I know that he is there for me no matter what. He has been this amazing saving grace lately and without him I do not know what I would do. I am ready to have him home with us. The kids are just hooked on him its great. They always ask about him, want to know what he is doing, want to talk to him and they have even made pictures to send him. They love it when I do speaker phone so they can all talk at once I love it because when they don't listen to me he steps in and wow they listen! Hummmmm. I guess that works right?
Well that is about it for tonight. I won't wait so long next time to write. I was in a horrible mood this week and didn't want to write because it would have been so negative. So look for an update maybe later this week or weekend.