Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big news!!!

This is the one of him actually handing me the ring and asking me to marry him!
One of the ones of him putting the ring on my finger and asking me to marry him!

One of our favorites after he popped the question!!

This is the picture of the ring that I am soooooooooooo in love with!

Ok well some of you know and well some of you do not know this yet so I have decided now to make it all public because well we want to!! (No I am not pregnant!) But while Chris was here we decided to have my good friend Heather do some pictures. Now mind you this was my idea I wanted some pictures of Chris and I so we could just have something to look back at on his trip here. Well Chris had some other plans and behind my back talked to Mrs. Heather about his own idea for this special occasion. He went to some great lengths and I realized just how well those two can keep a secret.
It started out Monday morning May 18th. We where scheduled at 11am to meet at the Las Colinas Canals to get these pictures taken. We left early so we could get some breakfast. We stopped in at Corner Bakery for a quick breakfast where he was acting extremely goofy and cute. I thought it was funny but I sent texts to Heather that this might not happen because Chris was being "mean" to me! She was super insistent that we be there!! So we ate our breakfast and went over to our site. Chris and Heather where introduced and they acted like old buds it was great. We walked and joked to the site where Heather wanted to start our pictures. Nothing to me seemed strange or out of the ordinary at all. We started with a few and we where being silly and laughing. After a few dozen shots Heather announced that her battery was dying and instructed Chris to grab some batteries from her bag while she showed me the pictures she had so far. I must say they where awesome. A few minutes later Chris returned to Heather and I and we went back to posing for pictures. But what happened next absolutely blew me away. Heather somewhat instructed him to kneel down. I honestly thought nothing of it I thought it was a cute pose. Low in behold there was something in that hand of his ( no not the batteries Heather instructed him to get!) there was a a beautiful ring. I was shocked, I was floored, I was so so happy! Heather captured every second of the proposal and for that I am so grateful. I never thought it would have happened that day we had talked about it and all but nothing seemed like it was happening anytime soon.
I would put all the pictures up on here but there are over 80 of them so I guess that won't happen but I did pick about 5 of the ones that truly captured what happened that day. If I can I will try and put them up on FB but its been giving me trouble so we will see. I can never thank Heather enough for being there that day and taking those amazing pictures. This is for sure one day I will never ever forget. Of course she will be doing the wedding pictures and all that stuff!!
So that is our big news and we are so excited. If you would like to check out Heather's work her site is she also keeps a blog on here too. You should check out her work its amazing!
We have tentatively set a date for Spring of 2011 and we are hoping to have it at the arboretum. I love that place its beautiful and in early spring it would be a perfect place for a wedding. Of course this is a ways off and things change but of course I will be keeping everyone updated on whats going on. I am so excited I cannot wait to start planning!!