Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are you kidding?!

I swear I must have a big cloud looming over my head! Since last weekend it has just been one thing after another. I mean really starting from Friday and well up until now I keep getting hit with stuff. Lets start with ohhhhhh Friday and work are way to today:
Friday- after going to pick up my son from his dads house Friday night I went to open the car door and fell off the curb and sprained my ankle! Ugh what damn luck
Saturday- After a crummy night sleep I went to babysit. Now the babysitting went fine but there was a slight miscommunication issue and I ended up with no ride home. But this super sweet mom after I said I would take a taxi home refused to let me do so and gave me a ride home. I was mortified and felt horrible!
Sunday- nothing to horrible but I decided that would be a good day to lug 3 containers of laundry up the stairs to my place and put laundry away. Good grief did that hurt! I was so determined to get it done but man it hurt.
Monday- More family drama that I swear is just going to send me right over the edge! I mean it is to the point where I am losing sleep I swear
Tuesday- NO AC!!! Yep went to my house was doing a few things realized it was hot and sure enough the picture frame I have the so kindly displays the inside temp told me it was 86 degrees! Ya how is that for fun!

Well looking at the positive side things tomorrow and Thursday are going to be spent cleaning and organizing with some great family and friends who I have lured in to helping me. I am so incredibly thankful for their help! I am hoping by the end of this week everything is in a decent working order and I can enjoy my new place. I joke with Chris that it will take till November to get this dang place in order!

The kids are off to a good summer so far. Hannah and Ella had skating today and had a great lesson. I just cannot believe how much they are growing and maturing. Tonight during dinner Ella vanished to her room for a bit and all was quit and I went to peek in and saw her on the floor by the bed with a notepad doodling a picture and writing some of the letters she knows along with her name. She is just to big now. Hannah is coming out of her shell more and trying new things. Now if I could get her to stop sucking that thumb we might be in some good shape. We are approaching Sean's 9th birthday and he is becoming more and more like a young man every day. He will be nine soon and it still blows my mind that its been 9 years! The time is flying by.

Well the girls are shrieking because the Jonas Brothers are on right now! Since when did my girls fall in love with boy bands and adore Miley/Hannah Montana? I am approaching the days of attending concerts I can feel it. I have dodged the bullet already on the Jonas Brothers but I know it won't happen for much longer. I guess its time to end this because the girls are doing my hair and its growing quiet painful and making me a bit worry some!
Ok so I will have a working AC Thursday. Guess I will have to bring some fans to my house tomorrow to get this work done and thank god for ceiling fans right?!
Night all have a wonderful week!