Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking in.........

Evening all! I have decided that i would blog tonight but I really had to think hard about what to blog about! It has actually been pretty boring lately but on the upside my place is just about done. If you are on my FB page you have seen the pictures and most of you have commented about how great it looks! It will all be finished soon.
Right now I am just relaxing on my favorite chair watching some TV and enjoying the quiet. Ella crashed out before we could make it to the shower. She was out early tonight. She had a rough day home sick with me. I feel sorry for the little princess. I will give her a quick wash rag bath in the morning before school. I know I am on top of it can't you tell?! I will let her dad know so that tomorrow he is sure to give her a bath when she goes there. Hannah just got back a while ago from a sleep over and was having a rough evening and she ended up staying at her dads.
The girls are struggling to get back into the swing of being with mom during the week and dad during the weekend. I know it will take time but its sad watching them be so upset. Though I do realize that I am going to need to put my foot down with Hannah and tell her that we have to stick to this schedule no matter how mad and upset she gets with me. Which well lately seems to be a lot. I know its because of this but she still has to understand we love her and always will but this is for the best. Speaking of which I just got the Divorce Decree emailed to me yesterday evening. It was truly a bittersweet moment. I know that the marriage between Jason and I is over but its just well I can't describe it. This is a chapter in my life that is closed and over. Its very surreal. I just have to print off this decree sign it and that's it. Wow.
This weekend will be an emotional roller coaster I am sure. Saturday June 20 my brother Alex who passed away in March would have been 20 years old. I have really been down the last few days because I know that he won't be here and its sad such a young boy full of life gone so young. I miss him terribly and so do the kids. Honestly having some of his ashes here has been a big help to them. I know it might sound morbid and creepy but they know that Alex is here watching over us and that he will always be with us. I wanted to do something special that day but its suddenly become a busy day. Sean's 9th birthday party is that night. We will be swimming at the park and we are all so excited. His dad and step mom have been working hard to put this party together. I am sure its going to be awesome. I know Alex would not want us dwelling and would want us to party so well what better way than to celebrate his favorite nephews birthday but by having it on his birthday.
For those wondering, Chris is doing fine back in Korea. He misses home a lot but he knows in about 2o weeks he will be back. Work has kept him quiet busy and that has helped the time pass quickly. Here soon we will have the final say in where he will be stationed. We are hoping for Dyess in Abilene so keep your fingers crossed! We all miss him here and the kids ask often how much longer till he gets home. Sean is really excited about his return because he found out Chris bought a Wii! Chris sent him a wonderful email and it made me tear up just a little. He really loves my kids and that makes me happy. He did tell Sean that he needs to be the man of my house and do whats needed when it comes to chores ect. I know that Sean really likes him and that's really reassuring to me because I want my children to be happy with and comfortable with the man I am going to be with.
Tomorrow night I am having girls night!!! I am thrilled. I am spending the evening with two of my favorite women. Heather B and Lauren M! We will be mixing some business and pleasure but either way who cares its a night out to kick back and have a blast. I am also excited to see K. She is a cutie. We will dine on some lovely Mexican food and just chat. Sean will be staying at his dads for the night and the girls will be at their dads. All I know is I am excited to have a night out.
The rest of the weekend will be pretty quiet. Saturday is packed but Sunday is looking pretty calm. The kids will be with their dads for Father's Day so it will give me part of the day to be alone. Again what ever will I do. Well I think I am going to call it a night. I want to wish all the dad's out there happy Father's Day. I hope all you have a wonderful, fun, safe weekend.