Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time marches on.....

Today I realized that time is marching on quickly. Several things brought that to mind. Today Hannah and Sean had their last day of school, I officially have a 2nd grader and a 4th grader! Chris pointed out that as of today he made it through 7 months of his deployment. And I realized we are almost a week in to June. It does seem now like things are going quick. Tomorrow officially starts summer and in a few short months I will be preparing to send them off to school and then we role into the holidays and Chris returning home.
I have been asked how my new place is and well its defiantly much better than my old place and after tomorrow I think I will be good to go staying there. I should have a fixed fridge and a final answer to the bug issue. Now comes the fun of unpacking and getting organized. I am in for a lot of work. Any takers on help?! I am serious!! I will ummm pay you with food and my undying love and affection hahaha. My biggest things are getting the kitchen cleaned organized and in working order and just going through boxes to put the playroom/study together.
Today I went to the Sean and Hannah's school for the closing ceremony and their last day. I was surprised but I didn't get as emotional as I had in the past. I think next year will be different seeing as that will mean Sean will be in 5th grade and in his last year of being at the best school ever! But I am trying not to think that far ahead. The ceremony was nice I got a few pictures I will do what I can do load them up my computer has decided not to cooperate tonight. Hannah's teacher gave each child a CD with I think 1500 pictures on it! Wow what a dedicated teacher! I will load the 65 of her that I found on Facebook when that also decides to cooperate also. Something with my Active X or something so for now I can not load pictures on FB.
Chris has been gone a week. I am doing really well I am sad and down but we have talked a lot and emailed so that's really good. He has been back in Korea now a few days and seems to have gotten back in the swing of things. He even said today that the day was going really quick! I loved hearing that. That is when he also mentioned he had been gone 7 months! His ETA home should be around the middle of Nov so like 12th maybe. He was told if all goes well the 3rd but I think its a safe bet that it will be later than that. Also sounds like Abilene will be his new home! Even if its not and he goes to Shreveport I am fine with it and will be ok. I am just ready for him to come back I miss spending time with him!
Well in a few weeks Sean will be 9! wow 9 years have gone by so quick. He is such an amazing boy I am so proud of him! His dad and step mom are planning on hosting a swim party for him at a local park by the house and I am excited it sounds like it will be fun. Not to far after that Hannah will be 7! Again where has the time gone. Her party plans are still in the works. I just found out today 2 other girls in her class have July birthdays around the same time as her so we are discussing maybe a group deal. Summer birthdays are so hard!
Well I had more on my mind but after spending the evening with the girls playing video games, watching the Bee movie and looking at pictures all my thoughts have slipped away. The girls are each in bed neither one in PJ's because they where so exhausted! But tonight I do not even care I am ok with them as long they are asleep and happy that is all that matters right? We had so much fun tonight and it was just a nice quiet night. I love those kind of nights. I hope to have more of them. I hope everyone is having a great week. Ahhh the weekend is almost here!!