Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Handy Man

I know when Chris came here to visit the lats thing he had planned was manual labor! Not only did he get to play exterminator but he played my handy man. Since the rails outside my place are to wide we had to get some lattice and place along the rail. It was super hot and muggy that day I felt horrible for Chris but I am so happy he did the work for me.

Here he is starting this crazy project.

He is so proud he got this first section up and its looks all nice and neat.

Just admiring his handy work. Now the fun part comes where he has to snip all those zip ties!!!

He was really proud of his handy work. It really does look great. I am glad he was here to do that. Now Ella Grace is much safer when on the porch! Now to get the rest of that porch repaired!!
I would show you pictures of the kitchen but that might just gross everyone out but despite what he thinks he did a lot of work getting the pest problem under control. Now its Jason's turn to try his hand at fixing it. So we will see!!