Sunday, May 10, 2009

Emotional roller coaster!

This past week or so I have started losing motivation. I have been exhausted and stressed. I haven't been staying up as late either because I have just been so worn out and run down. I think a lot of things are starting to catch up with me. I am hopefully moving here in the next week or so. That alone just brings on stress, thankfully its just a few buildings over but moving and moving and it sucks! Work has been kicking my behind. I think all the kids realize summer is coming so they are all going nuts!! I still love them but wow these last few weeks have been crazy! And of course I have the long awaited arrival of Chris. I have never had so many emotions running through me its unreal! I have been so nervous I have been sick to my stomach. I honestly didn't think that would happen.
So next weekend we have the girls last big skating competition for the spring/summer. It will be in Duncanville at the Dr. Pepper Star Center. And I have to admit for the first time I really do not think Hannah is ready. Ella Grace is 4 we do not have high expectations and we put little pressure on her to do as well as Hannah. She has fun and that's what matters. Hannah just has had some rotten practices and just a lack of effort. She did so well at Winter Classic I think maybe after that we should have stopped while we where ahead. She had placed the best she ever had and did the best she had ever done. I think honestly she is bored and needs more challenge she just kinda stalls out when she is bored and has to do the same thing over and over. So this summer she will train for the higher levels and be pushed in different ways. I guess we will see what the summer holds for her and skating
Ah today was Mother's Day. I have to say that it was just about like any other day. I honestly did not expect much but it would have been nice for the kids just to try not to go out of there way to make me nuts. Oh well. Hannah made a beautiful book for me at school. It had a great picture of her, a nice poem that made me cry, her hand print and how much she loves me. Ella Grace must have not wanted to participate in the Mother's Day project in her class because she didn't have anything for me. I think Sean might have forgotten must have been reminded by his sister because he came in with a quickly made card and a almost guilty looking face saying "Happy Mother's day oh ya here is this!" I guess the kids reach a point in school that they stop doing the homemade gift because I guess it gets to "childish" but I love those gifts and was sort of sad this year that they where well not as big this year. Oh well maybe next year. We had skating practice of course today and that was um ya a blast. Ellie worked hard while Hannah was in a horrible mood and was unwilling to work. I was working with her and told her to get off the ice till Synchro practice because she needed to check her attitude. At least for Synchro practice she was in a bit of a better spot.
So that's about it. Not to much else is going on. I am sure Tuesday I will blog or maybe later this week once Chris gets here. Wow its going to be busy! Here is the week schedule:
Tuesday- Hannah/ Ellie practice. I get the girls stuff ready for Dist. I pack to go to the hotel with Chris.
Wednesday-Hannah practice. Chris comes and we head to the hotel
Thursday- ERRANDS, ERRANDS ERRANDS! Lots of prep work for Dist. Also prep work for the move!
Friday- Lunch with family. Hannah and Ella practice. Prep for Dist.
Saturday- Dist!
Sunday- Dist.
There is going to be more going on too but I don't want to ramble on about it. Anyways I am going to call it a night. I am beat and its going to be a long week! Nite all!