Friday, May 22, 2009


Most of everyone who reads this blog probably understands why I have not been blogging recently. I am going to steal this from a friend of mine who also blogs and its fitting to my situation right now but anyways I have been dealing with my own alternate reality. I have enjoyed this different reality the last 10 days. Its been an emotional roller coaster filled with its highs and lows. The lows really do not relate to Chris being here its more of moving and knowing that his time here is so short before he leaves again for another 5 months. The highs of course have been him being here, the girls and their skating competition, spending time with family.
As I write this blog right now Sean and Chris are deeply engrossed in all sorts of military pictures and stories. Man this is so up his ally!! Sean and him are like two peas in a pod I kinda feel like the 3rd wheel right now. Hence now the reason I am blogging. So I will take this time to fill you in on all that's been going on.
So we all know I am moving and what a joyous occasion we thought this would be correct? Well it started out joyful but that faded really quick Wednesday night. Why you might ask.... BUGS!!! And not just any bugs but the most nasty of bugs...... ROACHES!! Ew the thought of them turn my stomach. At first I figured ok we would spray them, kill them and do all sorts of home defence stuff to prevent them. That was a joke in epic proportions. After further investigations by Chris today we discovered the root of the evil. I am so revolted by it I really just won't go into it. But we are in the process of fixing it and hope it will be taken ASAP. Chris has been amazing he has done a lot of moving while I was at work for a few days and at night Jason has been jumping in helping move things that Chris could not do alone. Hummm I should fill you guys in on that too shouldn't I??
Jason and Chris get along pretty good actually. I won't lie it did get off to a rocky start last weekend but buy the end of the skating competition there was actual conversations going, we all had a meal together and they even ganged up on me during a game of Uno Attack and also got me with glitter hair spray. I guess I am thankful. We will all be together at the family BBQ at my wonderful Aunt Karen's house tomorrow. I am super excited to be surrounded by all my favorite people and have them all get to know Chris.
Sunday will be more moving hopefully be finished with it and just be left with laundry and sorting through old stuff to get rid of. Monday we are all off of school so we will run errands find entertaining things for the kids and Chris and I will be having dinner with Karen and Doug. I am sad because the more I think about this weekend I know how fast it will go and my time with Chris will be coming to an end really soon. We have been trying not to talk about it but no luck it somehow keeps popping up. We drove out to Abilene Thursday and its a nice little area and I am sure it will be fun to go visit and stuff once Chris is back in November.
The kids really seem to like Chris. Hannah and Ella where shy at first but they are really starting to like him. Sean just met him today and its like they are old pals. Its great and it makes me really excited because I really worried about that.
Well I will blog more about this trip later and all the eventful things that happened. I just wanted to give everyone a taste of what its been like. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day!