Monday, May 11, 2009

Updates and revisions!!

Ok so I have so changes to make to my post last night! I figured just posting a new one would be easier than editing the old one and it would just make me feel better to hahaha!
So I know I said Sean must have forgotten about Mother's Day or what ever but today God bless his step mom. I know I sure do love her! She had him go to the store pick out flowers and a card and he brought them to me after school up at work. I loved it! I never get flowers at work and it totally made my day. I made sure to embarrass him by lots of hugs and kisses. I had a huge smile the rest of the day! Thanks Myranda you really are a wonderful step mom and I know I would be lost without you!!
On the subject of Mother's Day gifts I am also needing to point out that lil miss Ellie did in fact make me a gift but she forgot and left it in her backpack all weekend. I love it also. They are hand print flowers. The teacher had her make 4 copies of her hand color them and cut them out. Well bless her heart she didn't get you had to cut in between the fingers so she cut around them so they didn't quiet turn out like the flowers they where suppose to but still they look like Tulips and I LOVE TULIPS!!! So that was nice to also get today too!
My phone is on the blink and not sure whats going on. I am unable to check email and texts as of now and it takes about 5 min for the phone to boot up! So until I can get it looked at my contact will be minimal with everyone! This is a nightmare!
Schedule for Dist. Saturday and Sunday
Ella Skates Sunday at 5pm
Hannah skates Saturday 1159am lt ent spotlight
233pm youth sync form
Sunday 801am solo comp
959 FS 3
Those times will probably change and I will email the new times if and when I get them. But for now that's when they skate. I hope that you can come and watch them. By the way check out my count down timer!!! Wednesday at 430pm Chris will be in DFW!!! I can not wait!