Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Well another Father's Day has come and gone. Our day was not some big planned out event in fact it was far from it. We reorganized our our living room and H's play area. H has struggled the last few days with his behaviors and I think this is mostly in part to his Asthma and Eczema flaring up to the point it is making him crazy. That and his eye issue has just sent him over the edge. 

I spent some time looking through pictures today and wanted to make something special for Chris. I found some of my favorite pictures of Chris and H together. Right now the two of them are sitting on the couch across from me looking at pictures. Chris is showing him pictures of his NICU days and as a baby. H seems very into this which is awesome. Just a few months ago this was a pipe dream for us. He had no idea the concept of pictures and that he could actually be in a picture and be right there in person. It was a concept he couldn't grasp. Suddenly after so much work he gets it. 

Just last night he did something we had not ever heard him do. He sang an entire song, well with some help and skipping around, but still he SANG to US!  We laughed and we cried. Looking at Chris' face it made it me see a side that I had not seen in awhile  It was a face that said " I am such a proud father I don't care about anything else right now!" It's true we were both so proud because all that heartache and hard work is really paying off.  He will never cease to amaze us!

Sorry the video is huge but I want everyone to see just why we are so excited. Please excuse his attempts to strip towards the end. He was getting a bit excited and when that happens well his clothes seem to come off. 

So I will leave you with some pictures I found of some great father child bonding moments. There are so many more but these are the ones that I just feel do him justice as a daddy. 

 Dove season. I guess it's never to early to get em hooked
 Teaching the kids the finer points on taking care of Shadow
 Working with daddy at the fire department
H, daddy and B at the dog park
Daddy and H getting ready for the rodeo