Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Mine was great even though I didn't spend it with my kiddo's this year. I do know they all had a great time so I do not feel bad that I was not with them. I had my own fun and I think it was just what I needed. My sister Robyn and I went to Gloria's for dinner and some 'ritas and then rented I Love You Man. I think we where to busy talking and chasing a dog in a field to really pay attention to the movie. The dog we where chasing was Dakota and as always he gets off his leash and like to make a mad run around the field. I had gone down to talk to Jason about the girls Trick or Treating and Robyn came down so that well I didn't look like an idiot having been slightly ok more than slightly buzzed. After about 10 min or so we made our way back to my place and had lost track of the movie and Robyn decided to leave to meet up with a friend I called it a night. Tequila and I do not get along very well anymore apparently. I think adding Smirnoff to it didn't help my matters either!!

These past few days have been eventful to say the least. Friday at 4am while sleeping soundly in my warm and comfy bed my phone rang. I am used to these early morning calls with the 14 hour time difference and all so all groggy and tired I answered the phone. After my "Hey baby how are you?" came the words.... " Hey baby you might not remember this phone call and please don't be mad." Yeah those are words any person like to hear especially at this hour. I figured after his doctors apt. that day maybe they had discovered that something was seriously wrong and he would need to stay or something. I was not prepared to hear what had actually happened! Chris had lost his wallet in a taxi off base and it had his drivers lisc., credit and debit cards, and his govt. ID. I was wide awake sat up I said some choice words got upset and then worried. He might not be coming home as planned and if he did he wouldn't be coming to Texas but Florida first. I was really trying hard to mask my disappointment and anger. It's not like he meant to but I was frustrated because of plans that we had been making and the way I had changed my schedule around. I never voiced this because it was really selfish on my part and figured it really didn't need to be said aloud. I finally hung up crying and went back to sleep for about 45 minutes before my phone rang at 5am. This time it was his mom. I explained what happened and what I had suggested. Yes I had rational thinking and logic at 4am half awake. I was impressed. I hung up with her got comfortable and settled back in bed and then at 6am my phone rang yet again! Chris was calling from the bar before the Jersey Retirement party. He apologized said that his mom was getting a new lisc for him online. We worked out that his new ID and credit cards once they came to Fl. could just be sent overnight to Myranda and would more than likely be here before he arrived Friday afternoon. I tried to lay back down but 3o minutes later the alarm went off and my days begun. Well it began officially now I guess. I called Chris' mom we talked for a bit while I made lunches and got the girls ready.
Ella got to wear her Halloween costume and Hannah wore her Halloween shirt to school. We started praying the rain would stop so that Ella and I could go trick or treating with her class that morning. Fortunately the rain stopped the sun came out and it was a beautiful day! I have pictures posted on Facebook so if you are on there go check them out. She is super cute!!
Saturday was a blast for Sean and I. I participated in my very first Boy Scout outing. Sean had a Boy Scout fun day at Camp Wisdom and as leery as I was about it I went because I know how much this means to Sean. Wow was I in for a treat. These boys went non stop from 8am till 2:30pm. They all got along and had so much fun with all the activities. Some where team building type exercises but others where just fun let off steam activities. Sean got to shoot a bow and arrow for the first time and after 5 tries on his 6th one he hit the center of the hay stack! He was so excited he wanted to keep going but we had to leave. He also shot a BB gun for the first time and although he did not hit the target he did hit the paper a few times and again loved it. He can't wait to go shot another gun. All I could think of the whole times was the line from The Christmas Story where the mom says "You'll shoot your eye out!" He was safe and really paid attention. So I really had nothing to worry about. They also had a pumpkin launch and he rocked at that. I again have pictures on Facebook. You will have to see him with these mini pumpkins. It was a hoot. He launched them further than most of the boys. He had his plan of attack all figured out by the time was ready to launch. I was pretty impressed. I can't wait to make another one of these outings. Who knows I might venture out for a camp out if I feel brave enough!
The count down now is at 4 and a half days. I woke up with a nervous stomach this morning. Well I think it was that maybe it was the drinks I had the night before. It had really start to hit me that this was it my last weekend alone. This has been a crazy ride and to know that I am days, hours, minutes from him arrival just makes me get all emotional and nervous. The thing that has made it significant is 3 of his boxes from Korea arrived yesterday and Myranda just brought them over to me. I am looking at them over by the wall in the living room and thinking " Wow this is it!" My life is really about to change. I will have a new life starting in about 100 hours. Ya 100 hours. That's really not a lot of time if you think about how many hours are in a day. Monday and Tuesday I should function probably just fine and Wednesday being the last day I will be able to talk to him prior to his leaving I know I will be a total mess. That being Thursday there he will be going to stay downtown at a hotel close to the airport so that the following morning he can board his plane and leave that craziness behind. Is it weird to be sad that its over. I mean I should prefer having him here right? But even though he was far away the times we had on the phone and computer where fun. Talking with Adi and hearing all his stories just made me feel like I was there. I know that seems crazy but I will miss this time because it was a major part of our relationship and made us who we are right now. I am sitting here crying because I keep thinking that this is really it.
When I wake up Friday morning I will head to work alone and come home with the man of my dreams that night. My weekends will be with my two favorite men and I will be so happy. For the two weeks he is here I want to do nothing but make the most of it. I want to do everything he wants to do go to places he wants to go to, see family and friends he wants to see and that want to see him! I won't be so sad this holiday season. I love my kids and they make me feel so happy and complete but having Chris really just solidifies it and makes me feel like I am a good person and I am worthy of being loved and appreciated. I know my children want to see me happy and I am now. I am very happy. I am scared and excited too. I will of course keep this blog going because I want to make sure that I still can communicate everything in our lives even though Chris is home. I have enjoyed this blog and I know the family and friends who are not near by like reading this.
Well the house work is calling my name now. I still have cleaning and laundry to get done. I am sure as the time gets closer you will see one more blog before the arrival of Chris. So "Yikes!!" this is almost over I am so happy. And maybe now I can fall back on a more normal sleep schedule too!!