Monday, November 23, 2009

Hurry up and wait!

This is a new line I am quickly becoming familiar with. I am really starting to get a idea of what I am really in for now, now that Chris is home. Last Monday Chris left to head off to Florida to get all of his stuff. While they hurried here I sat and waited and waited lol! Friday has never dragged on so much before. I was lucky and got to leave an hour and a half early from work. I was greeted by Chris and his mom out in his nice new truck! Ella was in awe of the view from how high up she was that she hardly spoke the whole way home!
I quickly packed up my stuff to get out on the road with my new family. The drive was fairly uneventful until right at the end. We made it all the way out to Abilene and as we exited the highway we quickly realized that our exit was a two way street. Playing chicken at 10pm is not recommended on poorly lit side roads!! I think Mary and I where wide awake after that! We where afraid of what Chris would say but he got out of his U-haul laughing making comments about it we all joked for a bit grabbed some dinner and headed to bed! We where beat!
Saturday we got on base after a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Of course I had to grab more ornaments for our Christmas tree! We got checked into the hotel on base and decided to head over to the BX and get a few items we need and head off to the mall of Abilene. For a mall it wasn't to bad. I found a Hallmark store and bought 3 more ornaments for the tree. These where special ones one was a photo family one that I want to get a picture of all of us to put in there, a special one for Chris and I, and a personalized one that I put all 6 of us on. You might be scratching your head going 6, there are only 5 of you?! Well no I am not expecting, but Chris does have a son. His son is 4 and his name is Connor. I decided since we are a family now that it makes sense to add him. Chris seemed a bit shocked but its true. I want him to feel included in our family. I love sentimental value that those kind of ornaments add. Christmas is that kind of time for me. All the ornaments I have have some sort of special meaning to myself or my children. I hope they carry that over to when they get older and have their own trees.
After a short rest, and a quick shower at the hotel I decided to treat Chris and his mom to dinner at Olive Garden. It was very yummy!! Head back to the hotel for a crummy night sleep and to wake up with a cold in the middle of the night. That was the worst night sleep I have had in a long time. I woke up in a foul mood. It might have had to do with being sick or knowing that it was Sunday and I had to head back home and start the week with our Chris. After a outing with his mom, I decided to stay behind, Chris and I started our drive back to Dallas. I was still in a mood and really didn't feel like talking. I guess this whole only seeing each other on the weekends thing is going to take some getting used to. I also think I wasn't thrilled about having to skate in the dress rehearsal. It adds stress to me and I feel a bit more overwhelmed. Hopefully I won't have to actually skate in the shows. Chris took me to practice and stuck around for a bit. Then he had to make his drive back to Abilene.
I am excited that Chris and his mother will be here for Thanksgiving and the rest of the week. I am experiencing so many firsts for me this year and some have been good and well some not so much. I think this first Thanksgiving with my new family will be exciting. I am hoping my sisters will stop by and spend some time with us. I have decided that I want to have a I guess last minute open house. Those who don't have a place to go, or those that just want to stop by and see us I am opening my house up to. The holidays are about giving, sharing and family. I feel like doing just that. The rest of this week is super busy to get ready for Thanksgiving. I hope that it goes well.
The girls skate in the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Dallas Galleria Mall Friday and Saturday. Friday the show starts at noon and Saturday it starts at 5pm. If you are going get there early and let me know so I can save you a spot by us up on the 1st floor by Macy's. The girls look cute and I will be taking tons of pictures. I hope that everyone gets a chance to stop by and see one of the shows before Christmas.
Well this is it for the night. The girls stayed up late because we painted pottery and watched a movie. Now its time for them to go to bed and me to call it a night so I can get through my last day of work for the week!