Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend fun and Sunday's Suck!

Three blogs in one night! Wow I must be bored. No I am lonely now that Chris and his mom have headed back to Abilene and since I didn't get a chance to blog while they where here I figured I would break up the blogs into smaller ones. That way they didn't get all long and ramble!
Friday night since Sean was at his dad's house we decided to go out for more shopping. We headed to Addison and went to the new strip mall where Prestonwood Mall once stood. I needed new curlers for Ella so we went to Ulta and found the perfect ones we needed. Then off to Walmart. I needed stockings and a tree skirt. We walked around for a bit and grabbed the items I was looking for. We walked back to the I guess gardening department and ended up back where the real trees are. Now I am highly allergic to Christmas Tree's and Chris's mom gets a bad headache from the pine smell. So what better thing to do than walk in and check out the real trees. At first I was fine I love the smell of them and I really wish I could have a real tree. A few minutes later Chris notices my eyes start to swell and my voice is sounding scratchy. We walk out and I start wheezing! I was having a full on allergic reaction. Stupid me even touched the tree and proceeded to rub my eyes since they where itchy and watery! No I am not 2 years old and yes I do know better!! A temporary lapse in judgement I will just chalk it up to! After a few minutes I realize I don't have my inhaler and I am getting worse. We get the Walmart brand Benadryl and I quickly pop 2 of them. I get better with in a few minutes! We pay for our items and head to Michael's to get a few things to finish decorating!
We get our items at Michael's, go eat a Penara Bread and head home. The effects of the Benadryl are hitting me and I am getting sleepy! I apparently decorated the stockings with the kids names on them and even hung them up. I went to bed and sometime in there even got on Facebook and updated my status message. I had no idea til the next morning that I had done all this!
Saturday was the ice show nothing to exciting happened. I think honestly that was for the best! To much drama makes for an exhausting weekend.
Today was a busy day yet again. We got up, I got Sean ready for pictures with his dad and their family, and we had more shopping to do! After Sean left we got ready and headed over to Northpark. We picked out Sean's Christmas gift and then headed over to the mega Children's Place across the way in the new strip mall they are building. I found some cute clothes and shoes for them. Lunch at Chipotle and then off to David and Myranda's to pick up Sean. Hung out there for a bit, hogged her computer to look at all sorts of cute family pictures because I am so nosey like that, then headed off to Sam's to get my bulk items I need. Sean seemed terribly bored so we took him back to the house so he could hang out with Chris's mom and watch a movie. This gave Chris and I time to head to Target to get grocery shopping done and some alone time. We stocked up and 45 min later headed back home.
Sundays really suck for us because that means at 7:30pm he loads up to head back home. I know I can't really complain this is the life I choose but still its hard week after week to say good bye to the man you love so much. I tell myself that at least this way we won't ever get tired of each other since we hardly see each other ha ha! Ya that works really well (NOT!) I wish that we could change this but for now this is how it is and we are making it work it just needs more time for us to get used to it.
I tried to make leftovers for dinner and that was a disaster. I was having a real off night and just kinda messed up stuff. The kids barely ate and I really didn't either. I had Chris take the rest of the turkey home. Chris's mom kindly cleaned up the kitchen so that Chris and I could finish up our 4 loads of laundry. We both where getting a bit sad because we knew in just a bit we would be saying good bye and not good night like we had been the last few days. We got all the laundry up and it was time for them to hit the road. After a few minutes of a somewhat emotional good bye between him us the kids they left and they all just kinda came apart. I told them this is how its going to be and we all have to get used to it. Ella cried for about 45 minutes, Sean was slightly upset but trying to hide it and Hannah just sulked around. About 9 something everyone was finally out. I finally got my blogs going also.
So now it's 11pm. My allergies are kicking up again or at least I hope its that and not a cold. Ella is crashed out next to me and I am getting sort of sleepy myself. I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I guess if I look at the bright side it is pay day tomorrow and if things go well Chris might be back Wednesday night. So I have things to look forward too I just am in a mood right now. I will hate sleeping alone again in my bed tonight but that's just how it is. On that note I am going to end my marathon blogging and head off to bed. Night and sleep tight!