Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble Till ya Wobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and special Thanksgiving. (ok so I am a few days late please forgive me!) This year our Thanksgiving was a bit more special. I had Chris here and it was so nice to be able to share this holiday with him now that he is home. I also got to share it with his mother who also came down to celebrate with us. She was really great to have around and the kids seemed to really like her. I really do appreciate all she did for us while she was here.
So well I guess I should go back to Wednesday and start from there on how our fun Thanksgiving got kicked off. The girls, Sean and I got up early Wednesday to head to the rink for Hannah's lesson, to skate, shop and hang out. In my mad dash to get us all out the door I did something that might shock everyone.......... I left withOUT my CELL PHONE!! Yep I also managed to live with out for 8 hours! I honestly was fine the one thing that bothered me was that I didn't have a way to tell time. I also tried to borrow a friends phone to let Chris know where I was so he wouldn't worry but I forgot his number. We got home about 4ish and to my wonderful surprise Chris and his mom where at the house! The had just arrived a few moments before. After a while we decided we needed to head out to run a few quick errands. We made a stop at Micheal's where his mom picked out a couple of little Christmas trees for the kids to decorate with these really cute tiny ornaments. The kids had so much fun with it. While they did that we order pizza kicked back and just watched the kids have fun. One tree now sits on the kitchen table and the other in the bedroom with the princess tree.
Since the girls where spending Thanksgiving with Jason I took them down to his house around 9:30pm. Lets just say they where wired!!! I felt bad leaving them with Joe while Jason was at work but for the sake of our sanity at the house I had to do it! Apparently at 11pm when Jason got home they where still up! Sean actually went to bed rather quick after they left. I think the long day wore him out!
Thanksgiving day was great. Got up cleaned the house and got it ready for my sisters and their men to come by and hang out. We decided to do snack foods during the day and save our feast for the evening since my sisters had plans to eat meals else where. It was great to have my three sisters over and we also enjoyed the company of Ronnie and Nate. They stayed for a few hours before heading off to other houses for the day. We had a wonderful dinner that Chris's mom ended up doing most of the work on. She really went above and beyond on it. I had every intention of making the food but she did it and I think we where all better off for it ha ha!
I am so thankful for what I have. This family I have and my friends are simply amazing people. I thank God every day for them. I honestly do not know what I would do without them.