Monday, June 25, 2012

The results are in

Today was a big day. Hunter had his first apt with WTRC and it was very productive. We spent and hour talking to Speech and OT another with another specialist. In one short hour we learned a lot about  our son. I seem to say that a lot lately but this time we really did learn a lot. Some good some not so good.

OT came in and did some work with him while we talked with Speech and the other specialist. Now mind you its 1pm this child has not napped so I truly expected the worst. The fact that he had been on a random biting spree today too was not comforting me in how this appointment would go. He sat at the table with his OT and they got straight to work. While he has great gross motor skills he is raising lots of flags with his social emotional, sensory, speech and comprehension. We for now are possibly nixing Dr. Rodgers in Lubbock and seeing more therapists and help at WTRC.

We will be doing ABA, speech and OT. There is actually other things that we will be testing and adding but my brain just went to mush hearing all this. These words are so definite and official. It is all on paper now and on his records. There was lots to take in but it is all in the best interest of making him function better and be a happier more adjusted child. The positive to today was getting to use a weighted blanket to see how it works so once we can afford one we can buy one for him to use.

Later this week will get get a call for when he will start all this therapy and we will also get a copy of these records to have and once I get them I will let everyone know exactly what is going on. I figured to let everyone know for now what is going on this should suffice.

I am up to my ears in paper work to apply for aide from the state. Sadly our insurance is not going to cover this so we are looking for grants from WTRC and help from the state to cover all this. I have spent the last 4 hours filling out this stuff instead of hanging out with my family. It really bothered me tonight. Wednesday I promised the kids a trip to the pool because I feel so bad that they didn't get my full attention tonight. These kids have been troopers! They love their brother and want to help and I am beyond thankful for this. So I am going to wrap up this blog so I can finish filling out paper work. Look for a more in depth update here in a day or two!