Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok another week comes to a close and its another eventful week. So just when we though sickness was done in this house it reared its ugly head again mid week. Poor Ella at first I thought it was a stomach bug then when I heard strep was running around the school again I thought oh man its strep again and when I realized that it wasn't strep it was some sinus, stomach bug. Poor thing had to go back to pull ups it was rough. Now she has a lingering cough and runny nose. Tonight however at the ice rink she was feeling just fine so I know we are almost back to 100%.
Saturday I woke up feeling horrible. At first I figured it had to do with my nap that lasted from 2:30-6:30 on Friday then ending up going to bed at 2:30am. But I realized that my sinus infection/ bronchitis was coming back. I had a all day training session downtown I had to go to. popped some Sudefed hoping this time it would work. I took some prior to going to bed and it just didn't work. I felt no better the entire morning. Poor Kate and Christine thought I was going to die of sneezing. Lunch time came I wasn't thinking I was desperate and I popped 2 more pills. in the 3rd training track I started to feel horrible. I was doing all I could to pay attention and stay focused but I could hear my heart racing and I felt woozy and disconnected. I looked at my girls and said ok after this we are leaving. I felt bad making them miss another training track but I thought I was going to explode. Got home laid down talked to Chris he worried because I am not a pill taking kind of person and to hear that I had taken to many kind of worried him. A few hours later and forcing myself up to run much needed errands I started feeling ok but then I got worse and at 9pm I was in bed. I looked at Sean with the most pitiful look I could muster up and told him baby I can't do game night. He walked me to bed checked on me till he went to bed around 11pm. He was worried I felt bad for him but I was miserable. Sweet boy let me sleep/ lay in bed til 10am.
Today I woke up feeling a bit better almost normal congestion I can handle trust me its so much better than yesterday! Was able to get some house work done. I got 4 loads done ( this will matter later in this blog!) and then did Hannah's hair for dress rehearsal tonight for her drill team. Talked to Chris briefly and finalizing plans for his return. Said good bye gathered our stuff headed to the rink. Realized I left most of what I needed somewhere at home. Thank god for dress rehearsals and understanding coaches. I took tons of pics they looked great and I was proud. We head home I settled on the couch while the kids put their clothes away and that's when I heard a bunch of commotion from the bedroom and two little voices say no you tell her no it was your fault you tell her. Sean comes out with a huge smile and says "Hey mom there's lots of water coming from the toilet it smells horrible and its just pouring out! Oh ya Hannah was the last one to use the potty to!" I was like what huh what your kidding. I stood up and heard it and oh ya it was flooding. I was like my gosh what do I do this is gross its nasty and it smells horrible. The icing was it was heading for the carpet in the bedroom!!! Really come on I don't need this I am not a plumber I don't know what I am suppose to do. I panicked called Jason he seemed a bit put out but I was desperate! He sort of helped but the fun was taking all those fresh clean towels that I had just folded now where on a nasty dirty soaked floor cleaning up the nasty mess. I was so grossed out. All I could think about was why now really why me?! What an ending for the week. I just finished a load of nasty towels so now I can maybe head to bed.
Chris emailed me his official orders today. Looks like everything is set and ready for him to leave. 6 weeks to go at work 9 weeks till he leave. All these plans falling into place make it all seem a bit more real. The kids are asking about it more and they have decided to make giant cards and tons of pictures for him. He is going to be spoiled and not know what hit him when he gets home. He has had a major impact on us and I think he realizes that now. He has truly been a god send to us an answer to our prayers. He is ready to come home and have us as his family. I am ready for hat too. Now its time to plan for the holidays, and plan for a wedding! HELP!!!!!!