Monday, August 17, 2009

Not much to report

Since my last post not much as gone on really. I did get new locks and I like them they look great I almost feel inspired to change all the door fixtures in my place but lack of funding right now is keeping my from that. But here in the next few weeks I will have to buckle down hard and get the house moving in a order that I need it to be in. Our count down is making me excited and anxious. We are now at 78 days. So ya 2.5 months and really with the way things are going that will go by before we know it. Since Chris will be coming home during a mega busy month I literally typed out a plan for the month. I sometimes scare myself with the organizational skills I do have but some times lack in using! But once that week of Thanksgiving comes we hit the ground running and probably won't stop till that Sunday after. I think after seeing just that week alone typed out exhausted me! Between celebrating Thanksgiving at possibly 2 houses, 2 ice shows and other activities its going to be go, go, go! I do not think Chris realizes what he is in for with all of this, but it will sure be nice to have and extra body around to help with stuff.
Scare thought for me but this time next week my kids will be completing their first day back at school. Sean will start 4th grade...... yes that's correct I didn't type the wrong number that does say 4 and Hannah will go into 2nd grade. Wow time is going to fast and I can't seem to make it slow down at all! Ella Grace is in pre-k. I try not to think about having 3 school aged children this time next year. I also try not to think about Chris leaving again this time next year. Ya it all gets depressing so I just go back to thinking about right now. But this week its back to school time schedules and routine. It shouldn't be to different from now except we have to factor homework into the mix and any school activities. Really to me this summer went to quickly I am sort of sad to see it all ending but then again I like the routine of the school week so I guess there is something to look forward to.
I figured I would steal some time to write since I haven't lately and the girls are playing so well in the other room, Chris is sleeping, my house is clean and I am bored. I am excited this emotional roller coaster is almost over I know that in 78 days/11 weeks that a new life will be starting one that does not involve odd hour phone calls, massive time zone differences, and the frustration of having someone in your life but not having them there with you. And yes he is in Abilene but that is so much better than where he is but we have worked out everything and I know it will work for now. I know there might have been some confusion or misinformation but no I am not moving in November when Chris comes home. There is a lot that has to go into my moving and for now we agree this set up will work for us. I know that down the line that will change but for now and for the next year or so I will be in Dallas doing what I always do with my kids. So never fear we will be here.
Well the girls have wandered out ins each of dinner so I guess its my motherly duty to feed them and get them in bed. After all they are baby sitting Uncle Joe after his surgery tomorrow. Ha I know that sounds funny but with their Uncle Joe out of commission with a broken Fibula and dislocated ankle the girls have been enlisted to help out on days he would normally take care of them. This should be interesting to see how well Hannah and Ella Grace do with this. I will write more later when life gets more exciting! Night all!