Wednesday, August 26, 2009


After lots of debating on what my next entry would be I figured I would go another route just to spice things up a bit! I decided communication would be a great topic because the last two weeks the root of the evil the source of the problem lies with the communication or well the lack there of! Its odd as we are growing and learning we are stressed upon that talking, ie. communicating, is a major and important part of our lives. Whether we learn by signs or by verbal means communication is key in all aspects of our lives. So let me ask you this...... Why is it as we get older and we have this amazing vocabulary and this ability to speak do we suddenly stop? We just drop all means of communicating. I don't just mean in the spoken sense but either written or typed. And then we complain we are out of the loop and have no clue what is going on. Now granted sometimes its unavoidable and just happens and that's ok but really honestly it does happen more than we give it credit for so we have to own up to it at some point correct?!
My point, I am sure you are wondering, well I am getting to it. Over the course of the last few weeks I have had dealings where it came down to lack of communication. I tell you what it drove me up the wall! I have to inform everyone that my ESP bill did not get paid in fact I had to shut if off because my bills where adding up! So if you are thinking I can read your mind well sorry your wrong I lost that ability so back to good old communication! I really need to leave this memo for Jason some where because man this seems to happen almost on a weekly basis. The whole remember I told you blah blah and then the response was huh what no I have no clue I don't have that written anywhere response usually from me! See this is where I love text messaging and email. Its great because I can click a few buttons go back and see oh ya you did say that blah blah blah was going on or that what ever was cancelled. People I have 3 kids, work full time, and have a busy life, if you tell me something and do not email it, text it or see me writing it down there is a 99.9% chance I am going to forget it! No its not because I am rude and want to ignore your request or what ever its just I have a lousy memory so constant communication is key with me. I like to keep in the loop and be knowledgeable on things because well chances are the minute I stop keeping up it will catch up with me.
Now I will give a good example on how it can sometimes be unavoidable and just happens that you miss out. A friend of Chris' over the weekend was trying to reach me via Yahoo IM to inform me that Chris was sick ect. I however was growing worried that Saturday because I had not heard from him but decided to do the eh he can call me bit I am busy with other things. When I finally logged on my computer after 6pm that evening I had about a dozen IM's from his friend and I was upset and mad. Not mad at him but mad at me for not calling to check and see what was going on or being more proactive in the lack of communication with Chris that day. He is fine for now but has another doc apt not sure when. You have to love the military ways of treating the ill. But hopefully next week he will be sent to where they have the proper medical machines to check him out and get answers to his problems.
I do urge those who read this to think about it if you don't and ask yourself...... Do I assume everyone knows what is going on? Do I make sure that I let people know important things that include them? Just things like that. I really did that the last few days and I realized wow I have dropped the ball. But I realized some around me where in the same boat so I didn't feel so bad after all. But still its something to think about. Especially those of you who complain about communication with a spouse, friends, the work place. It might also be coming from your end also. Lord knows I am guilty of it but its made me think a lot lately when I am on the receiving end of the "Oh my I forgot!" line.
So anyways that's really it for the night. I figured since all is well here school started back the kids are doing great they love their teachers ect that I would try something different. Hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful weekend planned. I know mine will for sure be busy!
Evening all!