Saturday, July 14, 2012

Time is flying

It is funny how in a weeks time your outlook on things can change so much. This time last week I was very down and felt like despite our best efforts we were not going to get through this. Everything around us has been a test of our strength and abilities.  While I felt we had failed I realized that the only way we would fail is if we just throw in the towel and give up. After all what can anyone accomplish if they just walk away and give up?

I stop and take a look at the good things and what we do have. If I always focus on the negative I wont ever be thankful for the positive in our lives. I have 4 wonderful children. They are smart, supportive and helpful. I have a husband who is doing what he can to take care of this family. If that means he is never home to do it he makes that sacrifice and does it. I have many friends and family that love us and would do anything they could to help us. I know they are pretty great friends because lately I have felt myself slipping further and further away from my social self but despite it they are still right there when I need them.

Last week Sean went back to Dallas. This is the first time he has been out here with us since all of this has gone on with H. This time out here was a bit more stressed and different than in the past. Sean is getting older now and hitting those lovely teenage boy years. His and mine views on things have began to clash a lot and I know its typical. This time taking him back was hard. I know how much he misses his family, friends and life in Dallas so instead of asking him to stay longer for my own selfish reasons of just having him here I let him go back on the day scheduled. I know he loves me and I he knows that I love him. I think this time however it was different because he had finally started getting out around here and making friends. At least now when he comes to visit he can have some kids his age to hang out with.

This time with the kids so far has been so much different than in the past. They are having to learn new ways to interact with their brother and understand that while this is how they thought we would do things with him it has now all changed. They simply can not lay him on the floor and tickle him like they used to it now bothers him and agitates him to the point he bites and pulls hair in defense. We can't just go to the park because we know that I won't get to pay much attention to them I will be focused on making sure H does not take off. I do keep them at the pool when I can because H is happy there and seems content in the water and of course the girls enjoy it.

Thursday H had his EEG. We have no results yet and I am sure they will come back normal it was just a precaution since he was having odd episodes of zoning out with no response to his name or being touched and he would tense up and his body would shudder. This could be related to his sensory issues but to error on the side of caution we had an EEG done to rule out other things. As soon we we know more we will let everyone else know. The test itself has been sent to Cook's in Ft. Worth and they will read over it and have prelim results to our pediatrician possibly this week but the full report would take a week or so.

H is starting WTRC this week. For the first two weeks he will get speech. Our OT therapist is out for the first two weeks due to surgery so when he gets back we will do the other evaluations they had suggested. We are also awaiting for approval for ABA therapy for H since his doctor has to sign off that we can do it. With this psychological eval they want to do this will give us the most official results of what we are looking at. This would also keep us from having to go to Lubbock! I am looking forward to getting all this set up for him.

Well our summer is just flying by. I can't believe we are in the middle of July already! School is starting up in about 6 weeks for all of us. There is so much left to do this summer I hope that time slows enough that we can enjoy it some! We have a fun weekend planned. I am bound and determined to bust H out of his new found comfort zone and get him to do things he normally would like to avoid. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!