Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Here is a picture post of events from today. H is not a fan of fireworks but I pretty much knew that. We had a great time with friends and the kids got to be up close (with in safety limits) to the fireworks and thought it was pretty cool!
The 4th of July strawberry cake

Hannah's triple strawberry birthday cake!

My attempt to get at least 1 picture of a firework.

Sean and Hannah are trying to light a sparkler with a punk that was given to them. Both got to jumpy to light it on their own.

They tried hard to work together to light it but they just had no luck. Eventually  my friend Desire had to help them out.

Finally got it all lit up. 

It took some work but we finally got hers lit. Sadly I was not able to get a good picture of her playing with it.

Very BRIGHT fireworks! They had to close their eyes because they said it hurt to look at them.

The soon to be birthday girl getting silly with her little sister.

He got so overwhelmed with the fireworks that as soon as there was  a break in the show he curled up crashed out and  spent the rest of the evening resting there!

Ella said she was not going to let crickets in the house so she will throw them at the crickets to keep them out!

Since we messed with the schedule so much today we paid for it when we finally got home. I went upstairs grabbed  his "miracle" blanket and in a matter of minutes he was sound asleep. This blanket is so amazing!