Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This crazy wonderful life.

Wow almost a year since I posted last! I guess life got the best of me and well kept me from this page. I guess we have some catching up to do don't we?! I guess we should just start off were we left off.
I finally found some friends out here. I thought that would never come. But I have sadly had a few close ones come and then go and as hard as it was it was all for the best. People come into your life for a reason and the often leave to for that same reason. But I have my great now every growing circle of friends and I love that they are each so different and bring so much to the table. It makes being here super tolerable heck even enjoyable now.
I have had 2 jobs since being here. Both in the field that I love but just not what I was expecting. Neither were a good match for me so now I am just staying at home hoping to find the right job and work on my schooling. H is still going to his school he does so well and enjoys it so much that it makes sense to keep him there.
Speaking of lil H he is doing fantastic! H just turned 1 and hitting his milestone now and its just impressive! He is saying a few words, walking, climbing, self feeding, learning baby signs, and just doing most things little ones his age do. Health wise he is doing alright. We had a bought of sickness that we couldn't shake for about 3 weeks but we seem good now. His RAD ( not sure if you guys new we had an official diagnosis of the lungs but its Reactive Airway Disease) is under control with steroids and his nebulizer. We just need to keep him healthy through the winter months because according to his pedi it will be hard on his lungs if he gets sick this winter. Lovely!
I am enjoying the quiet, country life of Abilene. Chris has been medically separated from the military now for a few months. Its been a hard adjustment for all of us but we are making do. He has found a job at the BX in Firearms. Go figure right?! He is doing volunteer firefighting out in Potosi and has met a great group of guys out there. We have even made friends with a few of them. They are a great family and I think that's why he likes it so much out there. He is going to school ok well he was going to school. He will be getting his butt back into gear next semester and work on what ever it is he decides to get his degree in. He changes his mind like he changes his underwear! He denies it but I swear he does really. I miss the kids so much but I know how well they are doing back in Dallas. I am seeing them often lately which helps me not miss them to much but its still so hard.
I guess I have grown up a lot since being out here. I have really learned to take a lot at myself and see what kind of person I really am. What sort of wife, mother and friend I am. I have learned so much about how I can be better person and friend. I also have grown more as a wife and mother. Sometimes leaving home is for the best and really puts what you have in perspective. I find myself always on the go now and keeping myself busy with friends, schoolwork, housework and of course my family. I have learned the more definite meaning of what being a friend is and how to become a better one. I have seen that we all have our strengths that we bring to the friendship and its up to us as a person to utilize that to make these bonds grow stronger and bigger. I am glad I have an assortment of friends with all sorts of interests, talents and likes. It makes being around them so much more enjoyable and fun. I have learned so much in just the 10 months I have been out here so much more I think then all my years of being back home.
I guess that is about it for now. I have been using FB more to update and load up pictures and such. I think though I will get back in the habit of using this though. It's such a better outlet and it helps when it comes to status updates ha ha. Well that is all for now. Maybe if something interesting happens between now and tomorrow I can write again! But for now I say good bye!