Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breathe in

Just when things come rolling through here like a crazy freight train and seem out of control they suddenly get super calm and peaceful. I need peaceful I need tranquil and I need to just breathe. Last week became a stressful hard week for me and for my family. But the troopers that we are we just worked and over came our struggles and are pressing forward now.
I have not heard anything back on the job interview. I can safely assume that I am sure I did not get the job. There was only 4 spots open and since it was on base military spouses take preference. I am not a military spouse of course now but I am hoping my sparkling personality and my wonderful qualifications helped but I guess we will see. I think not hearing anything about this job is what has me down. I am going to hit the ground running next week to look for a great teaching job maybe a weekend away will clear my head.
In the meantime I am going to keep busy by doing more in the community. Some wonderful ladies have banded together to create a group to help those in the military community. I know I just said I am not military anymore but still they are my family and a lot of these people mean a lot to me. I want to do my part and feel that I am helping and making a difference so this is a great opportunity for me. I am also still doing what I can to help the Westbrook family. I was fortunate enough to get to hang out with them last night and had a wonderful dinner with them. I will be meeting with a friend next week to hopefully launch so new ideas to continue to help them in their time of need.
So baby for sale or free to good home! H has decided that he wants to rule this roost! I get so frustrated at times with him but then I think I just need to be thankful that he is able to do the things that he is doing. But still it's hard when you just want a clean house and all you see is the mess that lil terror has left behind you! Today he decided standing on a couch throwing every item from his diaper bag would be a fun activity. Oh and by every item I mean every single baby wipe in the pouch also! I guess that wasn't enough so clearing off the computer table and dumping grape soda was an added bonus! Oy Vey! How is a momma suppose to get homework and house work done?!  I am just kidding though I could never part ways with that baby boy! He might make me mad but he makes my day.
I guess the holidays are now quickly upon us. That is when I really just need to breathe and not stress. Easier said than done. I am excited though this year. We  are opening up our home to friends in the area who have no where to go and don't want to be alone. I am hoping that we have a great turn out but even if its not many its still the fun of sharing the holiday with those you care about. I only wish the kids could be here but I get them for Christmas so its ok. I know they will have a great holiday with their dads so its all good.
Well the demanding cries from H are getting louder so it is time to wrap this up make him dinner clean him up and get him ready for his sitter. Hopefully he he more of a peach for her than he has been for me!