Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!

So a few days ago I was very Bahumbugish and not at all in the Christmas spirit. I guess that changed finally at around 1:30am when Chris arrived. Yes that's right he spent 15 hours in his car. I fell asleep on the couch and jumped out of my skin when I heard him come through the front door. That it was that crazy thief coming back for that Christmas tree ha ha! I have never been so happy to see him. I worried when it took so long I of course started having horrible thoughts run through my head. All he wanted to do was crawl into bed. He said as soon as he exited the high way he was undoing his boots and undoing his pants so that he could just strip them off and hop into the nice warm bed. That's exactly what he did!

Christmas morning we where slightly sluggish getting up but once I got the call that the girls where on their way over Chris and I kicked into high gear to make it look good for them when we arrived. Also meant time to get ready so we could head to Mimi's house for breakfast. Ella loved her new Bitty Baby and the accessories that went with it. Hannah was thrilled to get the 2 gift cards from American Girl that would allow her to purchase a new AG doll later this week. They also got small other stuff but those where the big things at my house. Still more to open up at Chris's house. We all got dressed, the truck packed and set to head over to Mimi's and then hit the Road to Abilene.

Breakfast was yummy. I think the kids where really antsy and ready to get out to Abilene. The nibbled on their food and had that look of "LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!" We where trying to wait a bit for the roads to clear more since it was cold and um lots of snow on the ground. Yep a White Christmas here in Dallas, Texas! So we got in the truck got every situated with food, drinks and of course the electronics. We made our trek to the highway and all was great for the first hour and a half or so and we realized that highway 20 was shut down the night before and there was a sign remind us that it was still closed past Weatherford. A quick phone call to Chris's mom she confirmed that they had just opened it up but it was slow moving and advised to use extreme caution. About 30 minutes later we realized why. It was still pretty icy and full of traffic for those that had been stuck on there for hours on end. It was slightly nerve wracking but we made it through and about that time Jason and Myranda start calling to ask if we had made it yet. I told them we hit some bad roads but would be home soon. At this point the kids where ready to just jump out of their seats.

We arrived around 4pm and the kids bolted up to the apt. ready to get the gift opening going. The house looked great and the kids loved that there where presents stuck in the chimney! Once the gifts where divided up the kids ripped into their stuff. All the kids loved everything they got. Hearing them shriek and yell "look at this!" "Look what I got!" was just music to my ears. I know Chris and his mom appreciated that also. I got some great stuff also. I got new pots and pans which I really needed, a laptop that is in the works and will hopefully be here soon, some wonderful Bath and Body Works stuff and a game of Chutes and Ladders. Don't ask about the game Chris must think I am still a kid or something ha ha! We had a yummy Lasagna dinner and I spent the rest of my evening up loading pictures and setting up all the new electronic devices. I guess I should also mention that the kids each got new bikes and they where super excited about that! To bad it was to cold and icy to ride or else they would have gone out that night!

Saturday we got up hung out around the house the kids played their games, watched tv and entertained Lily. They really wanted to hurry up and get going because Chris and I where going to take them over to the base so they could see it and see what it was all about. We left the house around noon, I got my guest pass, and we where set. The kids saw these big huge planes and they where awestruck! I have pictures posted on Facebook of it. They didn't want to leave. We went and looked at almost all the planes they had on display, showed them the base houses, where Chris works, and the BX. They really liked how quiet and peaceful it is. We are planning on going out there again this week. We got home dropped the girls with Jason and then me and my boys went to eat a later dinner and head off to bed.
So I just lost the last part of this blog so anyways we are about 96 miles away from Abilene. The girls are sleeping and that's how we like it! We have some fun things planned for the week. I am just sad Sean isn't able to join us but I told him the next time we have a long weekend and we are able we would take a trip out there. He seemed ok with that. Well pictures won't upload and I am feeling the need just to wrap this up since I forgot half of what I was typing ha ha! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope everyone has a great New Year!