Tuesday, January 7, 2014

School is in, Food school that is!

Tonight we had our monthly Reach for a Difference meeting. This group is my family! They are my biggest supporters and have been there for me these last few months. I would be so lost without them. Tonight we had a guest speaker that I was so excited hear. Amy Gibbs is not only an Occupational Therapist at West Texas Rehab, she is also a friend of mine and she does amazing things for the children she works with. Tonight she was discussing Food Therapy and educating parents and educators on this up and coming therapy.
As I am sitting there reading the power point slides and listen to her speak I instantly start thinking of my darling 3 year old that has created his own guidelines for eating. Apparently he is just about the poster child for this class. I was asking questions at the end and all I have to do is call up our old OT and let them know we need  a reevaluation for food school. Who knew it would be so simple. I wish I would have thought of this sooner!
This would be a twelve week class that would be super intensive and very, very regimen and routine. This is what we need for H anyways so I think he will be quiet successful in this venture. The down side is there is of course, there is only one certified therapist at this point so the demand is high and the space is super limited. By Spring though there should be two more certified therapists so this makes me happy to know our wait time will be pretty short and with session starting every 12 weeks.
I am excited to make this call tomorrow to get the ball rolling. It's not that I am looking for more therapy but I am wanting to make sure that H is able to enjoy a fully rounded meal that he can enjoy and that is nourishing him. He is barely 30lbs and his diet is chicken nuggets, not chicken strips, bean burritos, easy to swallow foods like yogurt sticks, fruit pouches, and gummies but only certain ones. This therapy will teach him to think outside the box and help him open his mind up to more textures and foods. It will teach him its ok to get his hands dirty and that foods are allowed to touch.
I am so thrilled at these learning opportunities I am getting. The more I can learn the more I can help H and others around me who might not be aware of these things. I love being an advocate and being able to help others. This is definitely information worth passing on to others. I can't wait to get this all going and get H started in this program so that I can help him and hopefully use what he learned to help someone else!